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    Tab Plugin for Pattern Lab Node

    The Tab Plugin allows Pattern Lab Node users to see sibling files next to a pattern in the filesystem, displaying them as additional tabs alongside the template and HTML tabs in both the Style Guide frontend and the single-pattern info modal.

    Read more about Pattern Lab Node Plugins


    To add the Tab Plugin to your project using npm type:

    npm install @pattern-lab/plugin-tab --save

    Or add it directly to your project's package.json file and run npm install

    During installation, the plugin is added as a key to the plugins object in your main Pattern Lab project's patternlab-config.json file

    If you don't see this object, try running npm run postinstall within the root of your project.


    Post-installation, you will see the following in your patternlab-config.json:


    "plugins": {
      "@pattern-lab/plugin-tab": {
        "enabled": true,
        "initialized": false,
        "options": {
          "tabsToAdd": []

    Add file extensions to this array as strings. Example: "tabsToAdd": ["scss", "js"]. You are all set now.

    Expected Structure

    With the Tab Plugin installed, you can now accompany pattern template files with the file types of your choice and expect Pattern Lab to show them as tabs. The file structure would be similar to that of pattern.json or files, except that it will be pattern.<<type>>.

    For example, if we added an scss tab:

    ├── pattern.mustache (the pattern template)
    ├── (optional pattern-specific documentation and metadata)
    ├── pattern.json (optional pattern-specific data)
    └── pattern.scss (a file matching the tab you added.)

    Enabling / Disabling the Plugin

    After install, you may manually enable or disable the plugin by finding the @pattern-lab/plugin-tab key within your main Pattern Lab project's patternlab-config.json file and setting the enabled flag. In the future this will be possible via CLI.




    npm i @pattern-lab/plugin-tab

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