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OpenTelemetry Metrics SDK

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This module contains the Metrics SDK of opentelemetry-js.

Used standalone, this module provides methods for manual instrumentation of code, offering full control over recording metrics for client-side JavaScript (browser) and Node.js.

It does not provide automated instrumentation of known libraries or host environment metrics out-of-the-box.


npm install --save @opentelemetry/api
npm install --save @opentelemetry/sdk-metrics


The basic setup of the SDK can be seen as followings:

const opentelemetry = require('@opentelemetry/api');
const { MeterProvider } = require('@opentelemetry/sdk-metrics');

// To create an instrument, you first need to initialize the Meter provider.
// NOTE: The default OpenTelemetry meter provider does not record any metric instruments.
//       Registering a working meter provider allows the API methods to record instruments.
opentelemetry.metrics.setGlobalMeterProvider(new MeterProvider());

// To record a metric event, we used the global singleton meter to create an instrument.
const counter = opentelemetry.metrics.getMeter('default').createCounter('foo');

// record a metric event.
counter.add(1, { attributeKey: 'attribute-value' });

In conditions, we may need to setup an async instrument to observe costly events:

// Creating an async instrument, similar to synchronous instruments
const observableCounter = opentelemetry.metrics.getMeter('default')

// Register a single-instrument callback to the async instrument.
observableCounter.addCallback(async (observableResult) => {
  // ... do async stuff
  observableResult.observe(1, { attributeKey: 'attribute-value' });

// Register a multi-instrument callback and associate it with a set of async instruments.
  .addBatchObservableCallback(batchObservableCallback, [ observableCounter ]);
async function batchObservableCallback(batchObservableResult) {
  // ... do async stuff
  batchObservableResult.observe(observableCounter, 1, { attributeKey: 'attribute-value' });

Views can be registered when instantiating a MeterProvider:

const meterProvider = new MeterProvider({
  views: [
    // override the bucket boundaries on `my.histogram` to [0, 50, 100]
    new View({ aggregation: new ExplicitBucketHistogramAggregation([0, 50, 100]), instrumentName: 'my.histogram'}),
    // rename 'my.counter' to 'my.renamed.counter'
    new View({ name: 'my.renamed.counter', instrumentName: 'my.counter'})


See examples/prometheus for an end-to-end example, including exporting metrics.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.

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