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Otter core

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This module gathers the core of the Otter Framework. It is the foundation for all the packages (interfaces, core helpers) and contains schematics to generate your components/services etc.

Otter is a Framework providing a set of tools to accelerate the development of a prod ready application via several in-app features and developer tooling. This includes a toolbox to customize, administrate and debug an application at runtime.

Get Started

The application will contain the minimum setup to follow the otter recommendations and to activate the features requested during the installation of the @o3r/core.

Required environment

Yarn can be installed directly using NPM:

# Installing yarn
npm install --global yarn

Creating a new Otter application

# Create new application
npm create @o3r my-project
# Or
yarn create @o3r my-project

Adding Material design theming

# Add Material Design
yarn ng add @angular/material
# ? Choose a prebuilt theme name, or "custom" for a custom theme: Indigo/Pink
# ? Set up HammerJS for gesture recognition? Yes
# ? Set up browser animations for Angular Material? Yes

Then uncomment the following lines in the src/styles.scss file to apply the Otter theming to Material Design components :

@include mat.core();
@include mat.all-component-typographies($typography);
@include mat.all-component-themes($mat-theme);


Otter framework provides a set of code generators based on angular schematics.

Item generators

Schematics Description How to use
add Include Otter in a library / application. ng add @o3r/core
page Create a new Page in your application. ng g page
service Create a new Otter Service in your library / application. ng g service
component Create a new Otter component in your library / application. ng g component
component-container Create a new Otter container component in your library / application. ng g component-container
component-presenter Create a new Otter presenter component in your library / application. ng g component-presenter
playwright-scenario Create a new Playwright scenario in your application. ng g playwright-scenario
store Create a new store in your library / application. ng g store
store-entity-async Create an entity async new store in your library / application. ng g store-entity-async
store-entity-sync Create an entity sync new store in your library / application. ng g store-entity-sync
store-simple-async Create a simple async new store in your library / application. ng g store-simple-async
store-simple-sync Create a simple sync new store in your library / application. ng g store-simple-sync
store-action Create an action into an existing store. ng g store-action
renovate-bot Create a basic Renovate Bot ng g renovate-bot
ng-add-create Include ng add schematic into your project ng g ng-add-create
show-modules Display the list of available Otter modules on Otter Registry ng g show-modules
add-modules Add a new Otter Module to the current project ng g add-modules
convert-component Convert an Angular component into an Otter component ng g convert-component
context-to-component Add Otter Context to an existing component ng g context-to-component

Create your own Otter compatible module

You can refer to the module documentation to create an Otter compatible module.


To accelerate the setup of repositories, different presets are provided that will chain the add of different modules. Today the following presets are available.

Preset Basic

This preset is the default one, it does not add any additional modules.

Preset CMS

Will add all the modules allowing the allowing the full managing of an application by the CMS. It includes the following modules:

  • @o3r/localization
  • @o3r/styling
  • @o3r/components
  • @o3r/configuration
  • @o3r/dynamic-content
  • @o3r/rules-engine

Preset All

Will add all official modules provided by the Otter Framework. Currently the list of modules is the following:

  • @o3r/analytics
  • @o3r/apis-manager
  • @o3r/application
  • @o3r/components
  • @o3r/configuration
  • @o3r/dynamic-content
  • @o3r/eslint-config-otter
  • @o3r/eslint-plugin
  • @o3r/forms
  • @o3r/localization
  • @o3r/logger
  • @o3r/rules-engine
  • @o3r/store-sync
  • @o3r/stylelint-plugin
  • @o3r/styling

External (Custom) Preset

The preset mechanism is supporting, via the --external-preset option, presets defined by module providers themself.

The modules can be regrouped in custom Presets by following the next steps:

  • Adding a keyword, in the module package.json's keywords field, following the pattern otter-preset-<my-preset>.
  • The module needs to be published to a public (or private) NPM Registry.
  • The package's scope should be whitelisted, via a Pull Request, in the following OTTER_MODULE_SUPPORTED_SCOPES constant.

[!TIP] Get more information regarding the Otter Modules in the Module Documentation.



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