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Nym SDK (Typescript)

The Nym SDK for Typescript will get you creating apps that can use the Nym Mixnet and Coconut credentials quickly.


Include the SDK in your project:

npm install @nymproject/sdk

Open a connection to a Gateway on the Nym Mixnet:

import { createNymMixnetClient } from '@nymproject/sdk';

const main = async () => {
  const nym = await createNymMixnetClient();

  const nymApiUrl = 'https://validator.nymtech.net/api';

  // show message payload content when received 
  nym.events.subscribeToTextMessageReceivedEvent((e) => {
    console.log('Got a message: ', e.args.payload);

  // start the client and connect to a gateway
  await nym.client.start({
    clientId: 'My awesome client',

  // send a message to yourself
  const payload = 'Hello mixnet';
  const recipient = nym.client.selfAddress();
  nym.client.send({ payload, recipient });

This will start the WASM client on a worker thread, so that your code can stay nice and snappy.

Send a message to another user (you will need to know their address at a Gateway):

  const payload = 'Hello mixnet';
  const recipient = '<< RECIPIENT ADDRESS GOES HERE >>';
  await nym.client.send({ payload, recipient });

Find the right package for you


  • ESM 🥛 - @nymproject/sdk, not bundled, use import syntax, you will need to bundle it
  • ESM 🥛🥛🥛 - @nymproject/sdk-full-fat, use import syntax, pre-bundled with inlined workers and WASM bundles
  • CJS 🥛 - @nymproject/sdk, targets ES5, not bundled, you will need to bundle it
  • CJS 🥛🥛🥛 - @nymproject/sdk-full-fat, targets ES5, pre-bundled with inlined workers and WASM bundles


Why have all these variations? Each project is different, so hopefully we have something for you!

Choose a package depending on how your project is transpiled and packaged:

  • ESM: use import syntax and have your bundler copy the WASM bundles into your output distribution
  • CJS: you have an older project that needs ES5 Javascript
  • nodejs: you want to write your project server-side or locally without the browser on NodeJS

And then, to use *-full-fat or not, how do I choose? We have *-full-fat packages that are pre-bundled by including all web-workers and WASM as inline Base64.

Use the *-full-fat packages when you have trouble changing your bundler settings, or you can use an open CSP.




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