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React autocomplete component

Pivotal UI React (GitHub, npm) is a collection of React components for rapidly building and prototyping UIs.

This component requires React v0.13

See the Pivotal UI Styleguide for fully rendered examples.



An autocomplete that comes with a dropdown list

var Autocomplete = require('
#### Properties
- `disabled`
  - `Bool`: Greys out and turns off event handlers.
- `input`
  - `React Component`: Use if you want to override the default AutocompleteInput.
- `maxItems`
  - `Number`: Cap the number of items that can appear in the dropdown list.
- `onClick`
  - `Function`: Event handler for click on the input (e.g. to automatically select value text).
- `onFilter`
  - `Function`: Optionally filter list items (other than by the input value).
- `onFocus`
  - `Function`: Event handler for focus on the input (e.g. to automatically show the list).
- `onInitializeItems`
  - `Function`: Your one chance to populate the list.
- `onPick`
  - `Function`: Event handler for choosing an item in the list.
- `onSearch`
  - `Function`: Override default search algorithm called whenever input value changes.
- `placeholder`
  - `String`: Placeholder text for the input.
- `selectedSuggestion`
  - `Any`: Matcher for the item in the list that is currently selected.
- `value`
  - `String`: The value of the input.
(c) Copyright 2015 Pivotal Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.