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A CSS code component that can be installed via this npm package. The package provides all of the CSS you need to use the component.

By default, code blocks will not have syntax highlighting. To enable this, use the PUI PrismJS package. It is a wrapper around Prism.

npm install pui-prismjs

You will also need to include a Prism theme.

npm install prismjs-default-theme
# or 
npm install prismjs-okaidia-theme


To install the package, from the command line, type:

npm install pui-css-code


<pre class="pre-unstyled"><code>class Foo
  def bar
    puts 'hi'

You can find more examples of the code component in the pui style guide

This is a component of Pivotal UI. It is a Pivotal specific implementation of Bootstrap.

Styleguide Github

(c) Copyright 2015 Pivotal Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.