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    Northflank Command Line Interface (CLI)

    Provides a command-line interface to the Northflank platform.

    Visit our website www.northflank.com

    Full documentation on https://northflank.com/docs/v1/api/use-the-cli

    Also use the Northflank js-client: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@northflank/js-client

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a query or want to give some feedback on https://northflank.com/contact or email us at contact@northflank.com.


    Install with npm i @northflank/cli -g or yarn global add @northflank/cli.

    This allows to use the CLI globally from the command line.

    To use without installation, run npx @northflank/cli


    The command northflank help provides useful information in navigating the various commands of the CLI.


    Run the login command to connect the CLI to your northflank account:

    northflank login

    You will be asked to provide an API token. The token can be created using the Northflank web interface: Account Settings > API > Tokens > Create API token.

    This creates a context, which will be used as a default for further use of the CLI.

    Having logged in, the CLI is ready to be used.


    • Listing services in a project: northflank list services
    • Getting detailed information about a service: northflank get service
    • Scaling a service: northflank scale service
    • Creating a combined service: northflank create service combined


    Contexts can be used to cache auth info, default projects and services:

    • northflank contexts use project
    • northflank contexts use service
    • List all context and defaults: northflank contexts list
    • Switch between contexts: northflank context use

    Forwarding Northflank Services and Addons

    Northflank services and addons can be exposed locally using the northflank forward command. Examples:

    • sudo northflank forward all
    • sudo northflank forward addon --addonId <addon-id>
    • sudo northflank forward service --serviceId <service-id>

    Please note that this command requires root/admin privilges

    Interactive Mode

    The CLI will ask for the required information when executing a command if the information is not provided by command line arguments or input files. This is done in a beginner-friendly question-answer style of interacting and allows for CLI exploration.

    After having provided all required information, the user can choose to run through the questions again or edit the final command payload for full flexibility. The request can also be saved to a file and be used in the future using the --file <file-path> flag.


    npm i @northflank/cli

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