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    Northflank api-client package

    Node.js client for the Northflank platform based on the Northflank public api.

    Visit our website www.northflank.com

    Full documentation on https://northflank.com/docs/v1/api/use-the-javascript-client

    Also use the Northflank command line interface (CLI): https://www.npmjs.com/package/@northflank/cli

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have a query or want to give some feedback on https://northflank.com/contact or email us at contact@northflank.com.


    Add as a dependency to your project with npm i @northflank/js-client or yarn add @northflank/js-client.

    Using the package

    Example usage:

    import { ApiClient, ApiClientInMemoryContextProvider} from '@northflank/js-client';
    (async () => {
      // Create context to store credentials.
      const contextProvider = new ApiClientInMemoryContextProvider();
      await contextProvider.addContext({
        name: 'test-context',
        token: '<api-token>', // Use token retrieved from Northflank web interface: Account Settings > API > Tokens > Create API token.
      // Initialize API client.
      const apiClient = new ApiClient(contextProvider);
      // Retrieve list of projects and log to console.
      const projects = (await apiClient.list.project({})).data.projects;
      // Create a new project.
      const project = await apiClient.create.project({
        data: {
          name: 'test-project',
          region: 'europe-west',
          description: 'test project description',
      // List services in newly created project
      const { services } = (await apiClient.list.service({ parameters: { projectId: project.data.id } })).data;
      console.log(services.map((svc) => svc.name).join(', '));

    If used with Typescript, full typing support can be leveraged.


    npm i @northflank/js-client

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