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    Coinbase Pro API

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    Coinbase Pro API for Node.js, written in TypeScript and covered by tests.


    The purpose of coinbase-pro-node is to continue an active Coinbase Pro API after Coinbase deprecated the official Node.js library on January, 16 2020. Its predecessor got deprecated on July, 19th 2016.


    • Typed. Source code is 100% TypeScript. No need to install external typings.
    • Tested. Code coverage is 100%. No surprises when using "coinbase-pro-node".
    • Convenient. Request throttling is built-in. Don't worry about rate limiting.
    • Comfortable. More than an API client. You will get extras like candle watching.
    • Maintained. Automated security updates. No threats from outdated dependencies.
    • Documented. Get started with demo scripts and generated documentation.
    • Modern. HTTP client with Promise API. Don't lose yourself in callback hell.
    • Robust. WebSocket reconnection is built-in. No problems if your Wi-Fi is gone.
    • Reliable. Following semantic versioning. Get notified about breaking changes.



    npm install coinbase-pro-node


    yarn add coinbase-pro-node



    const {CoinbasePro} = require('coinbase-pro-node');
    const client = new CoinbasePro();


    import {CoinbasePro} from 'coinbase-pro-node';
    const client = new CoinbasePro();


    The demo section provides many examples on how to use "coinbase-pro-node". There is also an automatically generated API documentation. For a quick start, here is a simple example for a REST request:

    REST example

    import {CoinbasePro} from 'coinbase-pro-node';
    // API Keys can be generated here:
    // https://pro.coinbase.com/profile/api
    // https://public.sandbox.pro.coinbase.com/profile/api
    const auth = {
      apiKey: '',
      apiSecret: '',
      passphrase: '',
      // The Sandbox is for testing only and offers a subset of the products/assets:
      // https://docs.pro.coinbase.com/#sandbox
      useSandbox: true,
    const client = new CoinbasePro(auth);
    client.rest.account.listAccounts().then(accounts => {
      const message = `You can trade "${accounts.length}" different pairs.`;

    WebSocket example

    If you want to listen to WebSocket messages, have a look at these demo scripts:


    All demo scripts are executable from the root directory. If you want to use specific credentials with a demo script, simply add a .env file to the root of this package to modify environment variables used in init-client.ts.

    npx ts-node ./src/demo/dump-candles.ts

    Tip: There is a .env.defaults file which serves as a template. Just remove its .defaults extension and enter your credentials to get started. Do not commit this file (or your credentials) to any repository!

    Web Frontend Applications

    The "coinbase-pro-node" library was built to be used in Node.js environments BUT you can also make use of it in web frontend applications (using React, Vue.js, etc.). However, due to the CORS restrictions of modern web browser, you will have to use a proxy server.

    A proxy server can be setup with webpack's DevServer proxy configuration or http-proxy-middleware.

    Here is an example:


    import {createProxyMiddleware} from 'http-proxy-middleware';
    import express from 'express';
    const app = express();
        target: 'https://api.pro.coinbase.com',
        changeOrigin: true,
        pathRewrite: {
          [`^/api-coinbase-pro`]: '',

    Later on, you can use the proxy URL (/api-coinbase-pro from above) in your web application to initialize "coinbase-pro-node" with it:


    const client = new CoinbasePro({
      httpUrl: '/api-coinbase-pro',
      apiKey: '',
      apiSecret: '',
      passphrase: '',
      useSandbox: false,

    Real-world examples

    Checkout GitHub's dependency graph to see who uses "coinbase-pro-node" in production. There are also npm packages depending on "coinbase-pro-node".


    Benny Neugebauer on Stack Exchange


    Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

    Feel free to check the issues page.

    The following commits will help you getting started quickly with the code base:

    All resources can be found in the Coinbase Pro API reference.


    This project is MIT licensed.

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