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    Nuxt Meta Builder

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    A fluent approach to building up the meta data object within a Nuxt project


    The standard approach to building up the meta content powered by vue-meta is to manually create an object with keys and values and is often a repeated mess across pages. This approach makes this a bit more readable via fluent methods.


    yarn add @netsells/nuxt-meta-builder


    Add the module to your nuxt config's modules array:

    module.exports = {
        modules: [

    You can then access the $metaBuilder function on the Vue instance:

        export default {
            // Basic usage
            head() {
                return this.$metaBuilder()
                    .setTitle('My page title')
                    .setDescription('The description for the current page')

    Available API Methods

    Method Description Arguments
    setDescription Set both the description and the og:description meta data val [required] - the description to set
    setTitle Set both the title and the og:title meta data hid - the title to set

    content [optional, default = false] - the title value to set
    addMeta Set specific meta values hid [required] - the unique meta tag id to set. Can be a single string or an array of strings

    content [required] - the meta value to set
    make Generate the resulting object None.

    Note: All public API methods return the class instance and can be chained, other than the make command which returns the final meta object and should be called last.


    MIT © Netsells


    npm i @netsells/nuxt-meta-builder

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