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    This module reads a set of text-files and creates a react-intl message-bundle containing all the texts. The name of the file is used as message-ID, and the content of the file will be the message. Together with the bundle there will be a message-ID-lookup, which can be imported in the application to easely find the ID of different messages.


    First install the tool using npm. For usage localy in a project use npm install @navikt/react-intl-bundler --save-dev or to install globally and used as a CLI-tool you can use npm install -g @navikt/react-intl-bundler

    Create a folder for all the messages to be used in the application. And run react-intl-bundler {input-dir} {output-dir} to crate the message-bundle.

    Provide the built message-bundle to react-intl:

    import React from 'react';
    import { IntlProvider, addLocaleData } from 'react-intl';
    import nbLocale from 'react-intl/locale-data/nb';
    import messageBundle from './example/texts-built/bundle.ts'
    const App = () => (
        <IntlProvider locale="nb" messages={messageBundle.nb}>
            <MyApplication />

    And in a sub-component you could then use the message-id from the built files by referncing the ID in the FormattedMessage-component as such:

    import React from 'react';
    import { FormattedMessage } from 'react-intl';
    import messages from './example/texts-built/frontpage/intl.ts'
    const MyFrontpage = () => (
            <h1><FormattedMessage id={messages.frontpageExampleTitle}/></h1>
            <p><FormattedMessage id={messages.frontpageExampleText}/></p>

    Filenames and Locales

    The filename determines the active locale for any given file, e.g named.file_en.txt indicates a text file with english locale. The default locale for any file without a explicit locale is norwegian ('nb').


    This application is written using TypeScript, which is transpiled to ES2017 during building (and before publishing). To get started with developing on this application clone or fork this repository. You will find the source code under ./src and the tests under ./test.

    To build/transpile the application run npm run build - and to run the tests run npm run test. After building the application you can run it with node ./dist/index.js ./example/texts-src ./example/texts-built which will build all the texts for the example-application and store the built file under ./example/texts-built.

    All commits will be built by travis, and for a pull-request to be accepted it needs to have a successfull build.

    To release a new version of the application to npmjs use npm version on the master-branch. For instance npm version minor for a minor release and make sure to push both the commit and the tag created. Travis will trigger on the release-tag and publish a new versjon to npmjs.


    For inquries please create a GitHub-issue. For NAV internal inqueries please contact Team PUS on slack at #pus.




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