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MySQL Connector/Node.js

Languages License: GPLv2 with FOSS exception npm

MySQL Connector/Node.js is a MySQL 8 driver for Node.js, officially supported and maintained by Oracle. It contains an implementation of the X DevAPI, an Application Programming Interface for working with the MySQL Document Store through CRUD-based, NoSQL operations.

For detailed information, please visit the official MySQL Connector/Node.js documentation.


Please refer to the README.txt and LICENSE files, available in this repository, for further details.

Getting the Latest Release

MySQL Connector/Node.js is free to use under the terms of the specified license and it runs on any Operating System that supports a Node.js 14.0.0 (or higher) runtime. Packages can and should be installed using the npm CLI.

Since releases do NOT follow Semantic Versioning rules, it is advised to install a specific version of the package (the latest preferably) or by using an additional standard lockfile such as npm-shrinkwrap.json or package-lock.json depending on the version of the npm CLI.

Installing from the npm registry

The recommended way for installing MySQL Connector/Node.js is by downloading and installing the package from the official npm registry. That can be done by running following command in the project root directory:

$ npm install @mysql/xdevapi --save --save-exact

Downloading and Installing manually

Alternatively, MySQL Connector/Node.js tarballs are also available in the official download page. The package can be installed by running the following command in the project root directory:

$ npm install /path/to/mysql-connector-nodejs-<version>.tar.gz --save --save-exact

GitHub Repository

The GitHub repository contains the MySQL Connector/Node.js source code as per the latest release. No changes are published in the repository between releases.


There are a few ways to contribute to the Connector/Node.js code. Please refer to the contributing guidelines for additional information.

Additional Resources

For more information about this and other MySQL products, please visit MySQL Contact & Questions.

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