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GitHub Flavored Markdown ¦ Native bindings for cmark-gfm, GitHub's fork of cmark, a CommonMark parsing and rendering library

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npm add @mvasilkov/cmark-gfm


const { renderHtmlSync } = require('@mvasilkov/cmark-gfm')

const html = renderHtmlSync('# hello, world')
// returns <h1>hello, world</h1>

Asynchronous usage

const { renderHtml } = require('@mvasilkov/cmark-gfm')

// With async/await
const html = await renderHtml('# hello, world')

// With Promises
renderHtml('# hello, world').then(html => {})

// With node-style callbacks
renderHtml('# hello, world', (err, html) => {})

Passing options

renderHtmlSync('# hello, world', { sourcepos: true })
// returns <h1 data-sourcepos="1:1-1:14">hello, world</h1>

await renderHtml('# hello, world', { sourcepos: true })
// equivalent to the above

All available options are listed below.

Using extensions

renderHtmlSync('# hello, https://sr.ht/', {
  extensions: { autolink: true }
// returns <h1>hello, <a href="https://sr.ht/">https://sr.ht/</a></h1>

await renderHtml('# hello, https://sr.ht/', {
  extensions: { autolink: true }
// equivalent to the above

Supported extensions are listed below.

Usage with streams

const fs = require('fs')
const { StreamingParser } = require('@mvasilkov/cmark-gfm')

  .pipe(new StreamingParser({ extensions: { table: true } }))


All of the following options are boolean, and off by default.

Options affecting rendering

Option Što
sourcepos Include a data-sourcepos attribute on all block elements.
hardbreaks Render softbreak elements as hard line breaks.
unsafe Render raw HTML and unsafe links.
nobreaks Render softbreak elements as spaces.
react Produce React-compatible output (JSX).

Options affecting parsing

Option Što
validateUtf8 Validate UTF-8 in the input before parsing, replacing illegal sequences with the replacement character U+FFFD.
smart Convert straight quotes to curly, --- to em dashes, -- to en dashes.
githubPreLang Use GitHub-style <pre lang="x"> tags for code blocks instead of <pre><code class="language-x">.
liberalHtmlTag Be liberal in interpreting inline HTML tags.
footnotes Parse footnotes.
strikethroughDoubleTilde Only parse strikethroughs if surrounded by exactly 2 tildes. Gives some compatibility with redcarpet.
tablePreferStyleAttributes Use style attributes to align table cells instead of align attributes.
fullInfoString Include the remainder of the info string in code blocks in a separate attribute.


Extension Što
autolink Output web addresses and emails as hyperlinks.
strikethrough Enable the ~~strikethrough~~ syntax.
table Enable tables.
tagfilter Escape the following HTML tags: title, textarea, style, xmp, iframe, noembed, noframes, script, and plaintext.
tasklist Enable task lists.


This is a fork of Michelle Tilley's repo. It's entirely compatible with the upstream, and brings the following improvements:

  • Convert to TypeScript
  • Update the underlying C library to the latest master
  • Exclude dead code from compilation
  • Reduce dev dependencies' footprint
  • Optional React (JSX) support

Maintained by Mark Vasilkov.



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