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Mocks Server Plugin Admin Api

Plugin for Mocks Server that provides a REST API allowing to interact with the server while it is running.

This is very useful when running E2E tests, because you can change the responses of the API mock simply with a HTTP request in the before method of your tests, for example.

A client for the administration api is also distributed as a separated package: @mocks-server/admin-api-client.


This plugin is included in the main distribution of the Mocks Server project, so you can refer to the official documentation website.


  • plugins.adminApi.port (Number): Port for the administration REST API. Default is 3110.
  • plugins.adminApi.host (String): Host for the administration REST API. Default is (Reachable to all IPv4 addresses on the local machine).
  • plugins.adminApi.https.enabled (Boolean): Enables the HTTPS protocol in the administration REST API
  • plugins.adminApi.https.cert (String): Path to the HTTPS certificate. Relative to the current process.cwd() or absolute.
  • plugins.adminApi.https.key (String): Path to the HTTPS certificate key. Relative to the current process.cwd() or absolute.

Read more about how to set options in Mocks Server here.

API resources

Available API resources are described in the OpenAPI specification provided by the API server itself at http://localhost:3110/docs/open-api.json once it is started.


Contributors are welcome. Please read the contributing guidelines and code of conduct.


npm i @mocks-server/plugin-admin-api

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