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A Angular Library with base classes and helper services.



  • Added a base component for all the application components, with helper protected methods. Most of the methods are lazy, and won't affect the component if not used.
  • Added modal component base to use in conjunction with the ModalService.
  • Added Message decorator to use in conjunction with the MessageBusService.
  • Added AlertService to handle application alerts. The alert service holds an array of alerts than can be shared and binded to the UI to show the alerts to the end user.
  • Added FileService to handle file related tasks. For now reads the file contents using a FileReader and ensures that all the events are correctly added and removed before leaving the context.
  • Added GeolocationService that is agnostic from the implementation. By default, it will use the navigator provider, but can be changed on different platforms.
  • Added LoggingService to handle application logs. Loke the geolocation service, the LoggingService is also agnostic and the user can provide their own provider. By default, the logging will use the console provider.
  • Added MessageBusService to manage and handle application messaging. Allows the user to create custom messages and send these messages from anywhere in the application, decoupling the different layers.
  • Added ModalService to allow the component logic to order the opening of a modal. Modal components are created, handled and destroyed by the ModalService. Remember to add the modal components not only in the declarations array, but also in the entryComponents in your module, or angular will trim your components because they won't be used anywhere in your templating code.


npm i @miracledevs/paradigm-web-angular

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