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    Unofficial Typescript API used for data scraping from the F95Zone platform.

    These APIs have been developed to support this application and allow you to obtain data on games and mods on the platform F95zone (NSFW)

    A simple usage example can be found in src/example.ts

    Table of Contents

    Main features

    • Support for two-factor authentication
    • Structured and typed data of games, mods, comics, assets and animations
    • Structured and typed data of the current user (threads followed, favorites...)
    • Structured and typed data of other users (titles, donations, registration date...)
    • Standard search, through the "Latest Updates" page or advanced
    • Saving of cookies to maintain the session


    In addition to traditional login, two-factor authentication via callback that returns the OTP value is also supported.

    // Normal login
    let result = await F95API.login(username, password);
    // 2FA login
    let 2faCallback = function () => Promise<number>;
    let result = await F95API.login(username, password, 2faCallback);

    Refer to src/example.ts (lines 35-67) for a working example.

    Data scraping

    Each game, mod, comic, animation or asset is identified as handiwork and obtaining this element is generic, it will then be up to the user to decide which property to use based on the type of handiwork that has been requested.

    Handiworks can be obtained by query or by URL.

    // With query
    const query = {
        category: "games";
        keywords = "Your game name";
        order = "likes";
    let listOfFoundGames = await F95API.searchHandiwork<Game>(query);
    // With URL
    let specificGame = await F95API.getHandiworkFromURL<Game>("the URL of your game");

    While user data (after authenticating) with

    const userdata = new UserProfile();
    // Fetch basic data (always necessary)
    await userdata.fetch();
    // Fetch all data (may take a while)
    await userdata.fetch(true);
    // Async properties
    const threads = await userdata.watched;
    const bookmarks = await userdata.bookmarks;
    const alerts = await userdata.alerts;
    const games = await userdata.featuredGames;



    Information about games, mods, etc... are stored in a Handiwork object with the following fields:

    Basic properties

    This list of properties is common to every handiwork, be it a game, a comic, etc...

    Property Type Description
    id number Unique ID of the thread associated with the handiwork in the platform
    name string The handiwork name
    overview string Description of the handiwork
    authors TAuthor[] The developer of this handiwork including the platforms on which it can be found
    category TCategory The membership category
    changelog TChangelog[] List of changes divided by version
    cover string URL of the possible cover of the handiwork (in case of multiple images the first available is taken)
    lastThreadUpdate Date Date of the last update of the thread associated with the handiwork
    prefixes string[] List of prefixes
    rating TRating Users' ratings on the handiwork (average, maximum, minimum, number of votes)
    tags string[] List of tags
    threadPublishingDate Date Publication date of the thread associated with the handiwork
    url string The URL that leads to the handiwork's thread on F95Zone

    Mixed properties

    Each property is specific to a particular type of handiwork.

    Property Type Handiwork type Description
    genre string[] Animation/Comic/Game List of genres represented in this work
    pages string Animation/Comic Number of pages or elements of which the work is composed
    resolution string[] Animation/Comic List of resolutions available for the work
    installation string Animation Installation instructions
    language string[] Animation List of available languages
    length string Animation Length of the animation
    censored boolean Animation/Game Are the NSFW parts censored?
    engine TEngine Game Game engine (Unity, Ren'Py, RPGM...)
    lastRelease Date Game Date of the last update of this handiwork
    mod boolean Game Specify if it is a mod or a real game
    os string[] Game List of supported OS (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android...)
    status TStatus Game State of development (Completed/Abandoned/Ongoing/Onhold)
    version string Game Version of the handiwork
    assetLink string Asset External URL of the asset (es. Daz3D store)
    associatedAssets string[] Asset List of URLs of assets associated with the work (for example same collection)
    compatibleSoftware string[] Asset Software compatible with the work
    includedAssets string[] Asset List of assets url included in the work or used to develop it
    officialLinks string[] Asset List of official links of the work, external to the platform (es. Daz3D store)
    sku string Asset Unique SKU value of the work

    The serialization/deserialization in JSON format of this object is possible through JSON.stringify()/JSON.parse().

    Platform user

    A generic user registered on the platform is represented by a PlatformUser object with the following fields:

    Property Type Description
    id number Unique user ID
    name string Username
    title string Title assigned to the user by the platform
    banners string[] List of banners assigned by the platform
    messages number Number of messages written by the user
    reactionScore number Total number of reactions received from other users
    points number Total number of points received after the acquisition of trophies
    ratingsReceived number Number of ratings received
    joined Date Date of joining the platform
    lastSeen Date Date of the last connection to the platform
    followed boolean Indicates whether the user is followed by the currently logged in user
    ignored boolean Indicates whether the user is ignored by the currently logged on user
    private boolean Indicates that the profile is private and not viewable by the user
    avatar string URL of the image used as the user's avatar
    amountDonated number Value ($) of donations made

    User data

    The user data currently connected through this API extends the PlatformUser class via the class UserProfile and adds:

    Property Type Description
    watched Promise<IWatchedThread[]> List of followed thread data
    bookmarks Promise<IBookmarkedPost[]> List of bookmarked posts data
    alerts Promise<IAlert[]> List of alerts
    conversations Promise<IConversation[]> List of conversations (only without labels)
    featuredGames Promise<Game[]> List of featured games from the platform (carousel, may not be available if disabled in settings)

    Login results

    The outcome of the authentication process is represented by the LoginResult object:

    Property Type Description
    success boolean List of followed thread data
    code number Code associated with the result of the login operation
    message string Possible error message (unrecognized user, wrong password...) or authentication successful message


    To log the behavior of the application log4js-api is used with a default level of "warn". This option can be changed with the loggerLevel property.

    Guidelines for errors

    • If you can, return a meaningful value
    • Return null only if the function should return a complex object (including strings)
    • Return an empty array if the function should return an array
    • Return false, -1 when the function should return boolean or number
    • Throw an exception only if it is an error or if a wrong value could mess up the functioning of the library
    • For all network operations, return a Result object


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