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A source code project with files to help µOS++ builds

This project provides various support files to be included during builds.

The project is hosted on GitHub as micro-os-plus/build-helper-xpack.

Maintainer info

This page is addressed to developers who plan to include this source library into their own projects.

For maintainer info, please see the README-MAINTAINER file.


This project can be integrated into another project in the traditional way, by either copying the relevant files into the target project, or by linking the entire project as a Git submodule.

However, the workflow can be further automated and the most convenient way is to add it as a dependency to the project via xpm.

Install with xpm/npm

Along with the source files, this project also includes a package.json file with the metadata that allows it to be identified as an xpm/npm package so that it can be directly installed from GitHub or from the npmjs.com registry as @micro-os-plus/build-helper.


A recent xpm, which is a portable Node.js command line application that complements npm with several extra features specific to C/C++ projects.

It is recommended to update to the latest version with:

npm install --global xpm@latest

For details please follow the instructions in the xPack install page.

Warning: Be sure xpm is not installed with administrative/root rights.


This project can be installed as a package from the npmjs.com registry with:

cd my-project
xpm init # Add a package.json if not already present

xpm install @micro-os-plus/build-helper@latest

ls -l xpacks/@micro-os-plus/build-helper

Note: On Windows use dir and back-slashes.


The package can also be installed with npm or related, but the content will end in the node_modules folder, along with JavaScript code; therefore it is recommended to install C/C++ packages via xpm.

Add as a Git submodule

If, for any reason, xpm/npm are not available, it is always possible to manually copy the relevant files into the target project. However, this will need extra maintenance to keep the project up to date.

A more convenient solution is to link the entire project as a Git submodule, for example below an xpacks folder:

cd my-project
git init # Unless already a Git project
mkdir -p xpacks

git submodule add https://github.com/micro-os-plus/build-helper-xpack.git \


Apart from the unused master branch, there are two active branches:

  • xpack, with the latest stable version (default)
  • xpack-develop, with the current development version

All development is done in the xpack-develop branch, and contributions via Pull Requests should be directed to this branch.

When new releases are published, the xpack-develop branch is merged into xpack.

Developer info


The xPack Build Framework is neutral to the actual system build generator used.

Currently all µOS++ source libraries support both CMake and meson, and an internal xPack builder is planned.

Build & integration info


Known problems

  • none




µOS++ sources should comply with C++ 20 and C 11

  • GCC: -std=c++-20 or -std=c11
  • clang: -std=c++-20 or -std=c11

It should be possible to compile them with:

The recommended versions are GCC 12, AppleClang 15.

Change log - incompatible changes

According to semver rules:

Major version X (X.y.z | X > 0) MUST be incremented if any backwards incompatible changes are introduced to the public API.

The incompatible changes, in reverse chronological order, are:

  • v2.x: add xpack_ prefix
  • v1.x: initial version


Unless otherwise stated, the content is released under the terms of the MIT License , with all rights reserved to Liviu Ionescu.



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