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    Meronex Icons


    Choose from thousands of popular open source SVG icon packs and add them to your React projects easily with @meronex/icons.

    Meronex icons is a react-icons fork, read here for credits and fork motivation.


    Preview site at

    Meronex Icons

    Icon Library License Version
    Font Awesome CC BY 4.0 License 5.12.1
    Ionicons MIT 4.5.6
    Material Design icons Apache License Version 2.0 3.0.1
    Material Design Community icons SIL 52442e9e6ea4424c41fb6489911c6f87fe83a7a8
    Typicons CC BY-SA 3.0 2.0.9
    Github Octicons icons MIT 8.5.0
    Feather MIT 4.21.0
    Game Icons CC BY 3.0 a53463d41d4f055fa71097ae74da4c508c9bb09d
    Weather Icons SIL OFL 1.1 2.0.10
    Devicons MIT 1.8.0
    Ant Design Icons MIT 4.0.0
    Bootstrap Icons MIT 1.0.0-alpha3
    Remix Icon Apache License Version 2.0 2.3.0
    Flat Color Icons MIT 1.0.2
    Grommet-Icons Apache License Version 2.0 4.4.0 MIT 2.0.0
    IcoMoon Free CC BY 4.0 License 1.0.0
    BoxIcons CC BY 4.0 License 2.0.5
    VS Code Icons CC BY 4.0 0.0.1
    flag-icon-css MIT License 3.5.0
    Logos CC0 1.0 Universal 2018.01
    Simple Icons CC0 1.0 Universal 1.17.1-998-gd4b07ad4
    Heroicons MIT v0.3.7
    Foundation-Icons-3 MIT v3
    Zondicons MIT v0.1.0
    Evil Icons MIT 1.10.1
    Open Iconic MIT v1.1.1
    System Uicons The Unlicense 53a7811705be2aaa37ddbe01fd255225083eed63


    • Easily add an SVG icon as React component and modify the size, color, style, etc
    • Includes the most popular open source SVG icon sets
    • Import each icon independently preventing blowing up the bundle size
    • Fast search across all the icon packs


    • Include as many useful and popular icon packs, we don't want to juggle between multiple libraries
    • Maintain backward compatibility, we don't want to refactor all our icons path due to a release
    • Do not assume tree shaking and allow both default and named exports, this should be left as choice
    • Do not bloat the node_modules folder and try to keep it within an acceptable range
    • Keep a reference to documentation site for each major release, we don't want to be forced to update because docs changed
    • Keep the project alive and ensure longevity, refactoring icons is neither fun nor productive


    Check here.



    yarn add @meronex/icons


    npm install @meronex/icons --save


    Default import (use if you don't have tree shaking)

    import FaBeer from '@meronex/icons/fa/FaBeer';
    class Question extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return <h3> Lets go for a <FaBeer />? </h3>

    Named import (use with tree shaking)

    import { FaBeer } from '@meronex/icons/fa';
    class Question extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return <h3> Lets go for a <FaBeer />? </h3>

    View the documentation for further usage examples and how to use icons from other packages. NOTE: each Icon package has it's own subfolder under @meronex/icons you import from.

    For example, to use an icon from Material Design, your import would be: import ICON_NAME from '@meronex/icons/md/ICON_NAME';


    You can configure react-icons props using React Context API.

    Requires React 16.3 or higher.

    import { IconContext } from "@meronex/icons";
    <IconContext.Provider value={{ color: "blue", className: "global-class-name" }}>
        <FaFolder />
    Key Default Notes
    color undefined (inherit)
    size 1em
    className undefined
    style undefined Can overwrite size and color
    attr undefined Overwritten by other attributes
    title undefined Icon description for accessibility

    Adjustment CSS

    From version 3, vertical-align: middle is not automatically given. Please use IconContext to specify className or specify an inline style.

    Global Inline Styling

    <IconContext.Provider value={{ style: { verticalAlign: 'middle' } }}>

    Global className Styling


    <IconContext.Provider value={{ className: 'react-icons' }}>


    .react-icons {
      vertical-align: middle;

    TypeScript native support

    Dependencies on @types/@meronex/icons can be deleted.


    yarn remove @types/@meronex/icons


    npm remove @types/@meronex/icons



    yarn submodule  # fetch icon sources
    cd packages/react-icons
    yarn build

    This project uses Conventional Commits format for the commit messages.



    The preview site is the meronex-icons website, built in NextJS.

    cd packages/react-icons
    yarn build
    cd ../preview
    yarn start


    The demo is a Create React App boilerplate with react-icons added as a dependency for easy testing.

    cd packages/react-icons
    yarn build
    cd ../demo
    yarn start

    How to add an icon set

    1. Add new git submodule

    From the main directory (where this file is located) run the following command:

    cd packages/react-icons	git submodule add --name <name> <git-repo-url-for-the-new-icon-set> packages/react-icons/src/icons/<name>
    yarn build	

    2. Modify (this document)

    yarn start Add the name, URL, and the license link to the table in the ##Icons section of this file. Keep the list in alphabetical order.

    3. Modify packages/react-icons/src/icons/index.js

    Add the object with the following structure:

          id: "xy",                                    // Two-letter id
          name: "e.g. Xenon Yellow Icons",             // The full icon set name
          contents: [
              files: path.resolve(__dirname, "<relative-path-to-git-submodule>/<path-to-svg-icons>/<filter>"),
              formatter: name => `Xy${name}`            // So that all icon names from this set will start with "Xy"
          // URL of the github repo
          projectUrl: "",
          license: "Apache License Version 2.0",        // License type
          licenseUrl: "" // URL of the license definition

    to the icons array.

    4. Once everything builds and looks right in the preview, create a pull request

    Why React SVG components instead of fonts?

    SVG is supported by all major browsers. With react-icons, you can serve only the needed icons instead of one big font file to the users, helping you to recognize which icons are used in your project.

    Credits and motivation for the fork

    This is a fork of react-icons and was created specifically to resolve the bundling size issue #154, see here.

    It was meant to be used temporary until the fix PR merged upstream however due to the lack of activity at the react-icons repo, I have decided to put publish it as it could perhaps save others the patching time and effort I had to go through.

    Why did you change the logo/theme for the preview site?

    As I said that was initially meant for internal consumption, the bundle issue was a show stopper for us, I've submitted a PR which is not merged yet and this issue has been open for two plus years. I don't have time/desire to redo the preview site, so I just shared what I have.

    Feel free to fork edit and host else where if you need to as I did.

    What else did you change?

    I've merged some open pull requests, added icons and fixed some performance issue with the preview site, more specifically:

    • Added Icon Sets

      • flag-icon-css
      • IcoMoon Free
      • Simple Icons
      • Logos
      • VS Code Icons
      • Remix Icons fill
      • Heroicons
      • BoxIcons
    • Merged open PRs

      • Remove pId attribute from AI icons #310
      • Add support for stroke-based icons #284
    • Improved the preview site

      • Show the icon set next to the titles
      • Improve search performance by caching results
      • Copy the entire absolute URL so it can be easily inserted

    Do you plan to keep maintaining it?

    I'd rather have the changes merged upstream I don't prefer fragmented react community, however I plan to keep this maintained until react-icons regains momentum. My view on this that if you publish open source, then you've to be responsible for the longevity of it when others depend on it and willing to offer a hand, otherwise don't publish at all.

    Related Projects



    • Icons are taken from the other projects so please check each project licences accordingly.


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