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LoopBack SDK Builder

LoopBack SDK Builder

The @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder is a community driven module forked from the official loopback-sdk-angular and refactored to support Angular 2.

The LoopBack SDK Builder will explore your LoopBack Application and will automatically build everything you need to start writing your Angular 2 Applications right away. From Interfaces and Models to API Services and Real-time communications.


cd to/loopback/project
$ npm install --save-dev @mean-expert/loopback-sdk-builder






I want to notify all the users of FireLoop that result of the complete refactor in LoopBack 4, the real-time platform we love, will suffer a complete and imminently refactor as well.

The current version of both the loopback-component-realtime and the loopback-sdk-builder (main components in FireLoop) are stable and I personally will continue to keep fixing upcoming bugs and mainly coordinate community contributions for new features and bug fixes.

But the new development efforts will be focused on what is coming next. All the components that compose FireLoop will be written from scratch adopting the new LoopBack 4 architecture.

Coming Next

I know it's difficult to hear that your framework is being refactored from scratch, being even more difficult to understand that modules and projects will suffer the same effect.

But after I started working in my first LoopBack 4 module (gRPC Support for LB4) I really feel this pain will be left behind and we will end with a much better platform to work on.

What is coming next:

  • LoopBack 4 compatible SDK Builder (For Back and Front ends gencode).
  • 100% TypeScript support (Back and Front ends).
  • Framework agnostic typed and pluggable SDK (Angular, React, any).
  • New real-time protocol using HTTP2 (gRPC).
  • Compilable and npm publishable SDKs.


I have been off the media for some time now, it was difficult first to understand the upcoming changes, and second, how would these affect the ecosystem around LoopBack.

I needed to have clear what is coming next and be sure the position I needed to take, make some desitions.

Now that I'm clear on the upcoming changes and I got down to work on my first LB4 real-time module, I'm able to start communicating more often as I used to before.

I will start my blog series from scratch based on LoopBack 4 within the following weeks.

Cheers Jon


Discuss features and ask questions on @johncasarrubias at Twitter.