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    IMPORTANT: The Material Web Components are a work in progress and subject to major changes until 1.0 release.

    Icon buttons allow users to take actions, and make choices, with a single tap.

    For the toggling version of this component, see <mwc-icon-button-toggle>

    Material Design Guidelines: Button



    npm install @material/mwc-icon-button

    NOTE: The Material Web Components are distributed as ES2017 JavaScript Modules, and use the Custom Elements API. They are compatible with all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and IE11, but an additional tooling step is required to resolve bare module specifiers, as well as transpilation and polyfills for IE11. See here for detailed instructions.

    Example Usage


    <mwc-icon-button icon="code"></mwc-icon-button>

    SVG or Image

      <svg xmlns="" width="24" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24"><path d="M0 0h24v24H0z" fill="none"/><path d="M12 2C6.48 2 2 6.48 2 12s4.48 10 10 10 10-4.48 10-10S17.52 2 12 2zm-2 15l-5-5 1.41-1.41L10 14.17l7.59-7.59L19 8l-9 9z"/></svg>


    <mwc-icon-button icon="code" disabled></mwc-icon-button>

    Custom Style

    mwc-icon-button {
      color: tomato;
      --mdc-icon-size: 50px;


    Most users should include the following in their application HTML when using icons:

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet">

    This loads the Material Icons font, which is required to render icons, and is not loaded automatically. If you see plain text instead of an icon, then the most likely cause is that the Material Icons font is not loaded.

    To see all icons that are available in the Material Icons font, see Material Icons.

    For technical details about the Material Icons font, see the Material Icons Developer Guide.



    Name Description
    default Optional <img> or <svg> to display instead of using an icon font


    Name Type Default Description
    aria-haspopup string undefined Indicates the availability and type of an interactive popup element, such as menu or dialog, that can be triggered by the button.
    icon string '' Icon to display, and aria-label value when label is not defined.
    aria-label string '' Accessible label for the button.
    disabled boolean false Disabled buttons cannot be interacted with and have no visual interaction effect.





    CSS Custom Properties

    Inherits CSS Custom properties from:

    Name Default Description
    --mdc-icon-button-size 48px Sets the size of the button wrapping the icon.

    Global Custom Properties

    This component exposes the following global theming custom properties.

    Name Description
    --mdc-icon-font Font that supports ligatures and determines which icons are available (see fonts above).
    --mdc-icon-size Sets the size of the icon.
    --mdc-theme-text-disabled-on-light Color of icon when disabled is true.

    Additional references


    npm i @material/mwc-icon-button

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