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    Detects user’s preferences for reduced motion using the prefers-reduce-motion CSS3 level 5 media query.

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    Quoting from the CSS3 level 5 media queries specfication…

    The prefers-reduced-motion media feature is used to detect if the user has requested the system to minimize the amount of animation or motion it uses.

    🎢 prefersReducedMotion() is part of 🔮 Magica11y, which provides a suite of functions to detect “user-preference” and “environment” media features.

    Magica11y functions are awesome because…

    • They have zero dependencies
    • They’re lightweight; e.g. prefersReducedMotion() is just Bundlephobia minified, or Bundlephobia minified & gzipp’d
    • They use the window.matchMedia API underneath
    • They’re optimized for performance; all the module functions are designed in such a way that they exit early
    • They provide a clean, well-documented and semantic API to work with

    In addition to prefersReducedMotion(), Magica11y also provides…

    🚀 Getting started

    🏗️ Installation

    You can install prefersReducedMotion() using a package manager such as yarn or npm

    $ yarn add "@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion"
    # OR
    $ npm install --save "@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion"

    You can also include prefersReducedMotion() from a CDN on your page, such as jsDelivr or unpkg

    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- OR -->
    <script src=""></script>

    🎲 Usage

    prefersReducedMotion() is distributed as a UMD module, so you can use it as a browser global…

    var motionPreference = window.magica11y.prefersReducedMotion.default();
    var disableAnimations = (motionPreference === window.magica11y.prefersReducedMotion.motionPreferences.REDUCE);

    … or as a CommonJS module…

    const prefersReducedMotion = require('@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion');
    const motionPreference = prefersReducedMotion.default();
    const disableAnimations = (motionPreference === prefersReducedMotion.motionPreferences.REDUCE);

    … or as an ES module…

    import prefersReducedMotion, { motionPreferences } from '@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion';
    const motionPreference = prefersReducedMotion();
    const disableAnimations = (motionPreference === motionPreferences.REDUCE);

    The motionPreferences object contains all the possible values supported by the 'prefers-reduce-motion' media query…

    • motionPreferences.NO_PREFERENCE (spec: 'no-preference')

      Indicates that the user has made no preference known to the system.

    • motionPreferences.REDUCE (spec: 'reduce')

      Indicates that user has notified the system that they prefer an interface that minimizes the amount of movement or animation, preferably to the point where all non-essential movement is removed.

    • null

      The user’s preference could not be determined.

    🏁 Typechecking

    You can import the Flow types from the provided libdefs in node_modules/@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion/lib by configuring them in your .flowconfig


    Now, you can use the Flow types as follows…

    // @flow
    import prefersReducedMotion, { type MotionPreference } from '@magica11y/prefers-reduced-motion';
    const motionPreference: ?MotionPreference = prefersReducedMotion();

    🎩 Note: prefersReducedMotion() returns a nullable type (i.e. MotionPreference). So using the ? prefix to indicate nullable types is recommended (i.e. ?MotionPreference).

    📚 Further reading

    📜 License


    See for more details.

    Handcrafted with ❤️ by Rishabh.



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