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    A rollup plugin to minify javascript


    Install rollup and terser first.

    npm install rollup --save-dev
    npm install terser --save-dev



    npm install @lopatnov/rollup-plugin-uglify --save-dev

    Import package to the project


    import uglify from "@lopatnov/rollup-plugin-uglify";


    var uglify = require("@lopatnov/rollup-plugin-uglify");

    How to use plugin

    File rollup.config.ts

    export default {
      plugins: [

    with options

    export default {
      plugins: [
          //options: IUglifyOptions


    uglify function has optional argument options: IUglifyOptions.

    IUglifyOptions is an interface, that extends MinifyOptions of terser package.

    IUglifyOptions contains:

    • include?: string | RegExp
    • exclude?: string | RegExp

    A valid minimatch pattern, or array of patterns to include / exclude files. If include is omitted or has zero length, filter will return true by default. Otherwise, an ID must match one or more of the minimatch patterns, and must not match any of the exclude patterns.


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    License Apache-2.0

    Copyright 2019-2022 Oleksandr Lopatnov


    npm i @lopatnov/rollup-plugin-uglify

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