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    This project is intended to support the development of interactive courses with LiaScript. This projects implements a development server that can be used locally to preview courses within the browser.



    If you haven't installed it yet, you will have to install NodeJS for your system. This is the actual runtime environment for your local server and also contains the package manager that we will need for installing the LiaScript-DevServer.



    Open the terminal on your system and type the following command.

    npm install -g @liascript/devserver

    This will automatically install all dependencies and the devServer as well ...

    Note: On Windows you open a terminal by typing cmd into the program search or you can also use the Powershell.


    You can run the devServer by typing liascript-devserver or the short-cut liadev into your terminal. The following command will print out some help information on command-line parameters that you can use:

    liascript-devserver --help
     _     _       ____            _       _
    | |   (_) __ _/ ___|  ___ _ __(_)_ __ | |_
    | |   | |/ _` \___ \ / __| '__| | '_ \| __|
    | |___| | (_| |___) | (__| |  | | |_) | |_
    |_____|_|\__,_|____/ \___|_|  |_| .__/ \__|
    -h  --help       show this help
    -v  --version    show version information
    -i  --input      input README.md file or folder (default: .)
    -p  --port       used port number (default: 3000)
    -l  --live       do live reload on file change
    -o  --open       open in default browser
    -t  --test       test online on https://LiaScript.github.io
    -r  --responsiveVoice  add optional responsiveVoice support,
                           or pass your own responsiveVoice key.
                           Adding this feature might slow down
                           the reloading speed.
                           For more information visit:

    Note: -h or --help will only print out the help, all other parameters are ignored.


    Use this to identify the current version, but you can alternatively also use the shortcut -v:

    liascript-devserver --version

    At the moment this should give the following results. Since LiaScript gets updated separately, we use two different version, one for the devServer and one for LiaScript.

    DevServer: 1.0.5
    LiaScript: 0.9.14


    If you run the command liascript-devserver without any commands, the server will run from your current directory and give you the following output.

    $ liascript-devserver
     _     _       ____            _       _
    | |   (_) __ _/ ___|  ___ _ __(_)_ __ | |_
    | |   | |/ _  \___ \ / __| '__| | '_ \| __|
    | |___| | (_| |___) | (__| |  | | |_) | |_
    |_____|_|\__,_|____/ \___|_|  |_| .__/ \__|
    📡 starting server
       - local:           http://localhost:3000
       - on your network:
    ✨ hit Ctrl-c to close the server

    The server starts locally on port 3000, thus, if you open your browser and type in the URL http://localhost:3000 you should see a similar image


    However, if you add the --input parameter (shortcut -i) and pass it another folder, this will be used as the root folder for the subsequent navigation.

    liascript-devserver --input ../LiaBooks

    But you can also refer to a specific Markdown file, in this case, the course will be rendered immediately by the LiaScript interpreter, if you open the following link in your browser.

    liascript-devserver --input ../LiaBooks/docs/README.md
    📡 starting server
       - local:           http://localhost:3000/liascript/index.html?http://localhost:3000/README.md
       - on your network:
    ✨ hit Ctrl-c to close the server



    If you want to open the preview immediately, then use this parameter. It will open your default browser with the displayed URL automatically.

    liascript-devserver --open -i ../LiaBooks


    Use this parameter if you want to have live updates. The server will monitor file changes within the defined folder. When you type and save your document, a reload will be automatically triggered. If you prefer to reload your changes manually via pressing F5 do not use this option.

    liascript-devserver --live -o -i ../LiaBooks/docs/README.md



    It is only possible to run on devServer at a given port-number, thereby 3000 is used as the default value. If you want to start multiple servers on different folders or the port-number is already occupied by another process or server, this will will be shown by the following error message:

    liascript-devserver -o -i ../LiaBooks
    📡 starting server
       - local:           http://localhost:3000/liascript/index.html?http://localhost:3000/README.md
       - on your network:
    ✨ hit Ctrl-c to close the server
    🚨 error => listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use :::3000

    However, by using --port 3001 or -p 3001 you can redefine this number and run different servers separately:

    liascript-devserver --port 3001 -o -i ../LiaBooks
    📡 starting server
       - local:           http://localhost:3001/liascript/index.html?http://localhost:3001/README.md
       - on your network:
    ✨ hit Ctrl-c to close the server


    Since we are using a local devServer, it is also possible to test your courses online on the LiaScript project website: https://LiaScript.github.io

    See how the URL changes by setting the parameter --test:

    liascript-devserver --test -o -i ../LiaBooks/docs/README.md
    📡 starting server
       - local:           https://LiaScript.github.io/course/?http://localhost:3000/README.md
       - on your network: https://LiaScript.github.io/course/?
    ✨ hit Ctrl-c to close the server

    Note: Live reload with --live will not work in this mode, since the server is only used to serve local data and not the LiaScript website. Additionally you will have to remove the courses manually from the index.


    Automated Text2Speech is Not enabled by default, since it reduces the reload speed. But you can add this support by add this parameter, in this case the LiaScript project key is automatically injected. However, you can also pass your own key from your own project/website like this:

    $ liascript-devserver --responsiveVoice YOURKEY -i ../LiaBooks


    npm i @liascript/devserver

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