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Generate json-schemas from your Typescript sources.

I sincerely suggest you use the original repository, as this repository/package is forked for demanding of myself (study and customization).


  • Compiles your Typescript program to get complete type information.
  • Translates required properties, extends, annotation keywords, property initializers as defaults. You can find examples for these features in the test examples.


Programmatic use

import { resolve } from 'path'
import * as TJS from '@lemon-clown/typescript-json-schema'

// optionally pass argument to schema generator
const settings: TJS.PartialArgs = {
  ref: false,
  required: true,

// optionally pass ts compiler options
const compilerOptions: TJS.CompilerOptions = {
  strictNullChecks: true

// optionally pass a base path
const basePath = './my-dir'

const program = TJS.getProgramFromFiles([resolve('my-file.ts')], compilerOptions, basePath)

// We can either get the schema for one file and one type...
const schema = TJS.generateSchema(program, 'MyType', settings)

// ... or a generator that lets us incrementally get more schemas

const generator = TJS.buildGenerator(program, settings)

// all symbols
const symbols = generator.getUserSymbols()

// Get symbols for different types from generator.
// In larger projects type names may not be unique,
// while unique names may be enabled.
const settings: TJS.PartialArgs = {
  uniqueNames: true

const generator = TJS.buildGenerator(program, settings)

// A list of all types of a given name can then be retrieved.
const symbolList = generator.getSymbols('MyType')

// Choose the appropriate type, and continue with the symbol's unique name.

// Also it is possible to get a list of all symbols.
const fullSymbolList = generator.getSymbols()

getSymbols('<SymbolName>') and getSymbols() return an array of SymbolRef, which is of the following format:

type SymbolRef = {
  name: string
  typeName: string
  fullyQualifiedName: string
  symbol: ts.Symbol

getUserSymbols and getMainFileSymbols return an array of string.


The schema generator converts annotations to JSON schema properties.

For example

export interface Shape {
   * The size of the shape.
   * @minimum 0
   * @TJS-type integer
  size: number

will be translated to

  "$ref": "#/definitions/Shape",
  "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#",
  "definitions": {
    "Shape": {
      "properties": {
        "size": {
          "description": "The size of the shape.",
          "minimum": 0,
          "type": "integer"
      "type": "object"

Note that we needed to use @TJS-type instead of just @type because of an issue with the typescript compiler.


Inspired and builds upon Typson, but typescript-json-schema is compatible with more recent Typescript versions. Also, since it uses the Typescript compiler internally, more advanced scenarios are possible. If you are looking for a library that uses the AST instead of the type hierarchy and therefore better support for type aliases, have a look at vega/ts-json-schema-generator.




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