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    Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist

    Anonymous on Tumblr - 2012

    Guardian is a tool that analyzes the configuration of your AWS resources against best practice rules.
    Guardian solves problems before they occur, and optimizes your app’s performances and costs.

    One minute quick start 🚀

    npx @kumo-by-theodo/guardian

    Install Guardian on your project and customize your experience 🔎

    yarn add -D @kumo-by-theodo/guardian

    Select the cloudformation stacks you want to check using -c option

    yarn guardian -c {YOUR_AWS_STACK_NAME_1} {YOUR_AWS_STACK_NAME_2}

    Filter the checked resources by tags using the -t option

    yarn guardian -t Key={TAG_KEY},Value={TAG_VALUE}

    Specify an AWS profile or an AWS region using -p and -r options


    📚 More information about local runs of Guardian

    Run Guardian as a periodic check on your CI 📟

    The command you want to run in your pipeline is:


    Github actions, Circle CI, Gitlab CI configuration snippets coming soon 🚀

    ⚠️ To make sure it properly works when executed by a pipeline runner:

    • Ensure that the CI/CD runner has an AWS profile configured, with AdministratorAccess privileges.
    • If the region is not configured for that profile, make sure to specify it using the -r flag in the command.

      📚 More information about CI runs of Guardian

    Rules featured by Guardian 📏

    Check out our articles, to find out more:

    About Guardian 📰

    Guardian is a Theodo Group project made for AWS Serverless developers by AWS Serverless developers. Original idea appeared at Aleios. Guardian was migrated to Typescript and enriched by Kumo.

    Contributors ❤️

    Your contributions are very welcome, feel free to add new rules to Guardian !


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