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A TypeDoc plugin to embed source code into your output documentation

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For more infos, please refer to the documentation


  • 🔗 Source hyperlinks
  • 🎨 Compatible with the default theme
  • 📁 Monorepo support
  • 🎯 Locate invalid markups


In the source code you want to use as code blocks, delimitate regions. Regions are started with // #region my-name, & ended with // #endregion [my-name]. Interleaved/nested regions are supported. Regions must only contain [a-zA-Z0-9-_.].

In any markdown content, (in README, pages, or doc comments), use the {@codeblock ...} & {@inlineCodeblock ...} tags to use code blocks.

Reference a file


{@codeblock <path-to-file>[#region] [mode] [ | custom-file-name]}
  • <path-to-file>: A path to the code file to embed. Checkout this documentation page for more infos on the syntax of the path for monorepo configuration.

    Note that the path must not contain any of the following characters: #|

  • [#<region>]: A region selector in the target file. The <region> parameter can be a glob pattern, or a list of block names/patterns separated by a +. See minimatch for details on supported patterns.

    Note that region markers are not outputted in the generated code block.

  • [mode]: optional. Can be any valid {@link EBlockMode}, to override the default settings.
  • [ | custom-file-name]: allow to specify an explicit file name to display in the code block header.

{@codeblock ...} are by default looked up into your workspace examples folder, but you can customize it by using the source option

Wrap standard markdown content


{@inlineCodeblock <custom-file-name> [mode] ```
  • <custom-file-name>: The file name to set in the header
  • [mode]: optional. Can be any valid {@link EBlockMode}, to override the default settings.


For more information on configuration, please refer to the options documentation page

Quick start

npm install --save-dev @knodes/typedoc-plugin-code-blocks typedoc@^0.23.0


This plugin version should match TypeDoc ^0.23.0 for compatibility.

Note: this plugin version was released by testing against ^0.23.28.


npm i @knodes/typedoc-plugin-code-blocks

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