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Kirby Design System

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Kirby Design System is a UX Component library implementing the Kirby Design Philosophy.

Kirby Components are built on top of Angular and can be used in Angular projects.

The Kirby Cookbook, containing samples, status of components etc. can be accessed from https://cookbook.kirby.design.

Table of Contents


Install through npm:

npm i @kirbydesign/designsystem

Include KirbyModule

Import the KirbyModule in your AppModule :

import { KirbyModule } from '@kirbydesign/designsystem';


    imports: [
export class AppModule {}


Include the Kirby global styles in your app, e.g., in src/styles.scss:

@use '@kirbydesign/designsystem/scss/global-styles';

In each .scss file where you need to access the Sass utility functions from Kirby (e.g. colors or fonts) you must import the scss utilities:

@use '@kirbydesign/designsystem/scss/utils';

Generic Print Styles (Optional)

Kirby also provides a generic print stylesheet. It includes the basics. You most likely have to add local print styles specific to your app as well.

Import it into your app, e.g., in src/styles.scss or in your local print stylesheet if you have one:

@use '@kirbydesign/designsystem/scss/print';


To unit-test applications using Kirby's Components, we recommend importing one of the following modules:

  • When using jasmine: import { KirbyTestingModule } from '@kirbydesign/designsystem/testing-jasmine';
  • When using jest: import { KirbyTestingModule } from '@kirbydesign/designsystem/testing-jest';


import { KirbyTestingModule } from '@kirbydesign/designsystem/testing-jasmine';

describe('AppComponent', () => {
  beforeEach(async(() => {
      imports: [KirbyTestingModule],
      declarations: [AppComponent]



For unit test performance reasons it's highly recommended to utilize these modules, since they provide a template-less implementation of the Kirby Components, but still translude content through <ng-content></ng-content> and provide @Input -decorated properties and @Output -decorated EventEmitter s, without having to reflow the DOM, execute component logic etc.


Kirby comes bundled with a default set of icons. Make sure the .svg files used by Kirby are copied to your output folder by adding the following to build > options > assets in angular.json :

  "build": {
    "options": {
      "assets": [
          "glob": "**/*.svg",
          "input": "node_modules/@kirbydesign/designsystem/icons/svg",
          "output": "./assets/kirby/icons/svg"
          "glob": "close.svg",
          "input": "node_modules/@kirbydesign/designsystem/icons/svg",
          "output": "./svg"

Migration Guides

For details on migrating from earlier versions of Kirby see our Migration Guides.

Folder Structure

The folder structure of the repository is based on Nrwl's NX mono-repository project.

A basic walkthrough is outlined in the structure below:

├── apps                    # Contains source code for applications
|  └── cookbook             # - Cookbook application (showcase and examples)
├── dist                    # Contains output files when building artifacts (for distribution)
|  ├── apps
|  └── libs
├── libs                    # Contains source code for libraries
|  └── designsystem         # - Actual implementation of library (designsystem)
├── scripts                 # Scripts for building artifacts
└── tools                   # Contains various tools
   ├── generate-mocks       # - CLI utility for generating mocks for `@kirbydesign/designsystem/testing-jasmine`
   |                        #   and `@kirbydesign/designsystem/testing-jest` entry points.
   ├── sass-to-ts           # - CLI and Webpack plugin for extract global variables from SASS to TS
   ├── schematics           # - Angular schematics


Below is an overview of most widely used scripts, available for this project.
Use them in your terminal like: npm run <script> :

Command Description
start Starts the development server, providing a means of running (and developing on the Cookbook)
lint Lints the entire project (both TypeScript and SCSS source code)
lint:cookbook Lints the Cookbook application (both TypeScript and SCSS source code)
lint:designsystem Lints the Designsystem library (both TypeScript and SCSS source code)
dist:cookbook Builds a distribution folder of the Cookbook application
dist:designsystem Builds a distribution folder of the Designsystem library
transpile:tools Transpiles tools, required to produce library distribution (this is done as a post-install hook, but may have value if altering tool implementation)


If you wish to contribute new features, bug fixes or something third to the project have a look at the contribution guidelines.

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