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    Implode-CSS 🌋💣

    Npm CLI package that removes all unused CSS classes and ids from your project.

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    Goal of the package 🎯

    To remove useless/unused CSS selectors from a project to increase performance and readability.

    If you create a project from scratch or use templates there is a high chance of creating CSS selectors that you will finally not use and will be downloaded by the user and will make the page performance slower.

    With implodeCss you will be able to detect and/or remove these unused CSS.

    Installation 🔩

    sudo npm install -g @josee9988/implode-css

    Examples of use 📐🛡

    • If you do not know how to use the package, show the manual by using:

      implodeCss -h # to show the manual
    • To be prompted by the package, do not use arguments, we will help you:

      implodeCss # it will guide you
    • Specify folder (actual / absolute path):

      implodeCss . # actual folder, you must use always absolute paths but with the dot
      implodeCss /home/user/project # folder /home/user/project
    • Audit (detect but do not do any action):

      implodeCss . -a # audit actual package
    • Fix (remove all unused CSS selectors):

      implodeCss . -f # audit actual package
    • Ignore folders:

      implodeCss . -a -i src,data  # audit actual package and do not look into folders: /src/, /data/
    • Specify port (default = 4949):

      implodeCss . -a -p 8080 # audit actual package and create the server on port 4949

    Screenshots 📸 😁

    • Auditing the code with: implodeCss . -a

    auditing code

    • Table with all the unused selectors and more information.

    table with unused selectors

    • Help command: implodeCss -h

    help command

    • If you do not specify a folder...

    folder not specified

    • If you do not specify the option to perform...

    option not specified

    Error codes

    Click to see all the error and informational codes and it's explanation


    • Exists without errors.


    • Exit without an expected code, this code should not appear at all.


    • Bad arguments passed by the user. Some of the arguments used are not expected.


    • The path (most of the times the main folder) doesn't have read permissions, so the program could not read your files.

    403 [Not used]

    • The path doesn't have write permissions (Not used anywhere yet. see 405 instead).


    • Found 0 CSS files or 0 HTML files. The user should provide atleast 1 CSS files and 1 HTML file.


    • The local temporary file doesn't have write permissions so the page with the results won't get any data.


    • A path inside the main folder doesn't have read or write permissions (not specified).


    • Unknown error, the package specified an error that doesn't exist (should not appear, if so, please contact us and tell us how).


    • The selected port couldn't be opened.


    • Unexpected error (should not appear, if so, please contact us and tell us how).

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    ⚠️Remember that this tool does not guarantee a 100% effectiveness and may have some issue at some point. Use it at your own risk and always do backups of your code.⚠️

    Made with a lot of ❤️❤️ by @Josee9988


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