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    Consider using the webcomponent version of this component for an icon component that can be used in any modern browser with any framework.

    Vue Icon Component

    An icon component which makes it easy to render SVG path based icons in any Vue project. Provides several helpful properties to manipulate the icon and supports any icon pack which provides icons as a single SVG path to be displayed on a square viewbox.


    1. Install from NPM

      npm install @jamescoyle/vue-icon
    2. Import into your project

      import SvgIcon from '@jamescoyle/vue-icon'

    SFC Example

    The following example uses @mdi/js which provides a wide range of icon paths. It shows how you might use an icon within a single file component.

      <svg-icon type="mdi" :path="path" :size="48"></svg-icon>
    import SvgIcon from '@jamescoyle/vue-icon'
    import { mdiAccount } from '@mdi/js'
    export default {
    	name: "my-cool-component",
    	components: {
      	data() {
    		return {
    			path: mdiAccount,


    Name Default Description
    type null This sets the size and viewbox to match the recommended size for the icon pack specified.
    path null Required. An SVG path to render as an icon
    size 24 The width and height of the SVG element
    viewbox "0 0 24 24" The viewBox of the SVG element
    flip null One of "horizontal", "vertical", or "both". Flips the icon in the specified direction(s).
    rotate 0deg Rotates the icon by the specified value. Can be any valid CSS angle value.


    By default the icon will inherit the current font color of the container it is placed within. You can easily provide a specific color using an inline style on the element (style="color: red") or can target the tag as normal with CSS rules.


    You should make use of aria attributes to improve accessibility for users that use screen reading technology. You can use aria-labelledby to create a link between an icon and its label. A descriptive aria-label can be used to allow screen readers to announce an icon if there is no visual label to accompany it.


    npm i @jamescoyle/vue-icon

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