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The @interopio/core package is the core IO Connect JavaScript module used in applications for sharing data with other IO Connect enabled applications. It can be used by applications hosted in IO Connect, a browser or Node.js.

The @interopio/core package is a subset of the @glue42/desktop package which offers tools for more advanced scenarios that require Window Management, Application Management, Activities, Layouts, Channels, etc.

The @interopio/core package contains the following APIs:

  • Interop - an Interop API which enables applications to:

    • offer functionality to other applications (JavaScript and native) by registering Interop methods;
    • discover Interop methods and applications which offer Interop methods;
    • invoke Interop methods on the user desktop and across the network;
    • stream and subscribe to real-time data using a Streaming API;
  • Shared Contexts - a Shared Contexts API which provides a simple and effective way of sharing data between applications by using shared named data objects;

  • Metrics - use the IO Connect Metrics as a way of assessing the life cycle of a certain process (application performance, business process, employee productivity, etc.) by acquiring, recording and monitoring over time specific data about the key performance indicators of the said process;

  • Pub/Sub - a basic Pub/Sub API that allows apps to publish/subscribe for messages on a specific topic;


Running in IO Connect

import IOConnectCore from "@interopio/core";

const initializeIOConnectCore = async () => {
    // You can pass an optional configuration object to the factory function.
    // If you do not privide configuration, it will be inferred from your application configuration file.
    const io = await IOConnectCore();

    // Use the IO Connect APIs.

// Handle errors.

Running in Node.js

Note that your Node.js script should be started by the IO Connect Desktop client in order to receive a gwToken and a gwURL.

import IOConnectCore from "@interopio/core"

const initializeIOConnectCore = async () => {

    const config = {
        application: "MyNodeApp",
        gateway: {
            protocolVersion: 3,
            ws: process.env.gwURL
        auth: {
            gatewayToken: process.env.gwToken

    const io = await IOConnectCore(config);

    // Use the IO Connect APIs.

// Handle errors.

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