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@glue42/desktop is a JavaScript library that allows glue-enabled applications to interact with each other and to access Glue42 Desktop functionalities.

@glue42/desktop includes the following modules:

  • data sharing between applications:
    • interop - offer/consume functionality to/from other applications (JavaScript and native) by registering Interop methods and stream
    • contexts - share named data objects between applications
    • activities - an activity is a collection of windows organized in a layout and sharing a private context
    • channels - globally accessed named contexts that allow users to dynamically group applications, instructing them to work over the same shared data object
    • pub/sub - basic pub/sub API that allow apps to publish/subscribe for messages on a specific topic
  • application management - manage and monitor Glue42 applications
  • layouts - layouts allows you to save the arrangement of any set of applications running in Glue42 Desktop and later restore it
  • windows management - lets you create and manipulate windows
  • hotkeys - allows applications to register key combinations and receive notifications when a key combination is pressed by the user irrespective of whether the application is on focus or not
  • metrics - a way of assessing the life cycle of a certain process (application performance, business process, employee productivity etc.) by acquiring, recording and monitoring over time specific data about the key performance indicators of the said process.

For more information check Glue42 documentation.


import Glue from "@glue42/desktop";

// configuration will be inferred from your application configuration
    .then((glue) => {
        // use glue library
    .catch((error) => {
        // handle errors

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