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Solid JavaScript authentication for the browser - solid-client-authn-browser

solid-client-authn-browser is a library designed to authenticate web apps (in the browser) with Solid identity servers. The main documentation is at the root of the repository.

Required polyfills

Our JavaScript Client Libraries use relatively modern JavaScript features that will work in all commonly used browsers, except Internet Explorer. Additionally, @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser currently expects the Node.js events module. Webpack versions before version 5 used to add a polyfill for that by default; if you do not use Webpack, or use version 5 or later, please install the events npm package as well.

Underlying libraries

solid-client-authn-browser is based on oidc-client-js, forked in @inrupt/oidc-client after the original library stopped being supported. However, the latter lacks some features that are necessary to provide the developer experience we specifically want for the Solid ecosystem, so we developed oidc-client-ext to add these features.

Other Inrupt Solid JavaScript Libraries

@inrupt/solid-client-authn-browseris part of a family open source JavaScript libraries designed to support developers building Solid applications.

Inrupt Solid JavaScript Client Libraries

Data access and permissions management - solid-client

@inrupt/solid-client allows developers to access data and manage permissions on data stored in Solid Pods.

Authentication - solid-client-authn

@inrupt/solid-client-authn allows developers to authenticate against a Solid server. This is necessary when the resources on your Pod are not public.

Vocabularies and interoperability - solid-common-vocab-rdf

@inrupt/solid-common-vocab-rdf allows developers to build interoperable apps by reusing well-known vocabularies. These libraries provide vocabulary terms as constants that you just have to import.

Issues & Help

Solid Community Forum

If you have questions about working with Solid or just want to share what you’re working on, visit the Solid forum. The Solid forum is a good place to meet the rest of the community.

Bugs and Feature Requests

  • For public feedback, bug reports, and feature requests please file an issue via GitHub.
  • For non-public feedback or support inquiries please use the Inrupt Service Desk.


The solid-client-authn libraries are compatible with NSS 5.3.X and higher.





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