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React components and hooks to construct a workflow builder application. The workflow builder application allows you to create a complex TOML formatted config file based on a set of JSON schemas.

Below is a screencast of haddock3 download app which is made using this package.


Part of i-VRESSE/workflow-builder monorepo.


To create an app with a single global parameter and a single node with a single parameter.

Create vite React project and install the core package with

npm create vite my-ivresse-app -- --template react-ts
cd my-ivresse-app
npm install
npm install @i-vresse/wb-core bootstrap@4

Rewrite src/main.tsx to include wrapper component for global state, notifications and drag-n-drop support.

import { Wrapper } from '@i-vresse/wb-core'
import App from './App'

      <App />

Rewrite src/App.tsx to combine the components of the @i-vresse/wb-core package to make an app

import { useEffect } from "react";
import {
} from "@i-vresse/wb-core";
import { useSetCatalog } from "@i-vresse/wb-core/dist/store";
import { prepareCatalog } from "@i-vresse/wb-core/dist/catalog";
import "bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css";
import "@i-vresse/wb-form/dist/index.css";

function App() {
  const setCatalog = useSetCatalog();
  useEffect(() => {
    const catalog = {
      title: "Some title",
      global: {
        schema: {
          type: "object",
          properties: {
            parameterY: {
              type: "string",
        uiSchema: {},
      categories: [
          name: "cat1",
          description: "First category",
      nodes: [
          category: "cat1",
          description: "Description of somenode",
          id: "somenode",
          label: "Some node",
          schema: {
            type: "object",
            properties: {
              parameterX: {
                type: "string",
          uiSchema: {},
      examples: {},
    setCatalog(prepareCatalog(catalog)); // On mount configure catalog
  }, []);
  return (
          <CatalogPanel />
        <td style={{verticalAlign: 'top'}}>
          <NodePanel />
          <FormActions />
export default App;

Example is running here.

With the example you can do a couple of things:

  • Configure the global parameters
    • By clicking the global paramters button.
    • Make a change to the value
    • Pressing Submit button to store the changes.
    • In middle column switch to text mode to see the TOML formatted config file with the global parameter.
    • Pressing Cancel button to close the form for the global parameters
  • Add a node to the workflow
    • By clicking on somenode button or by hovering over the somenode button and use the grip to drag it over to the middle column.
    • The form for the node is rendered. Similar to global parameters.
  • Add multiple nodes
    • By repeating clicking on somenode button or by hovering over the somenode button and use the grip to drag it over to the middle column, insert new node where ever you want in the list by dragging it there.
    • Reorder nodes by hovering over one of them to get grip icon and dragging the node by its grip icon.
    • Delete node by hovering over one of them and pressing the X button.

More applications can be found at https://github.com/i-VRESSE/workflow-builder/tree/main/apps which include ways to import, export and run the workflow.

API documentation

API documentation of main branch is at https://i-vresse.github.io/workflow-builder/core/docs/.

The API documentation can be generated with

yarn apidocs

Will generate a docs/index.html.

The API docs exclude React components, the docs for the React components can be seen at https://i-vresse.github.io/workflow-builder/core/storybook-static/

Or generated locally with

yarn storybook

Which starts a storybook server on http://localhost:6008

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