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    Monika is a command line application for synthetic monitoring. The name Monika stands for "Monitoring Berkala", which means "periodic monitoring" in the Indonesian language.

    How to Use

    You can find many ways to install Monika and how to start monitoring from the Quick Start page.


    Monika is a Node.js application written in TypeScript using the oclif framework.
    It was developed on node v14 (LTS), and npm v6.

    To start developing, clone this repository, then install the dependencies:

    git clone git@github.com:hyperjumptech/monika.git
    npm ci

    Then, to run Monika from the source,

    • on Linux/Unix/Mac
    npm start
    • on Windows

    To keep the formatting consistent, run the following command to format the source code:

    npm run format

    Finally you can also run npm run test to prevent regression.

    Once you have made the changes, open a Pull Request and explain the issue your change will fix or the feature your change will add.

    For contribution details on how to add custom notifications see the New Notifications guide here.

    Development References

    The tools and frameworks we used in this project are listed below:

    • oclif to scaffold the CLI.
    • Prettier to format the code.
    • ESLint to statically analyze the code to quickly find problems.
    • Mocha for testing.
    • Istanbul for code coverage.


    If you need help, want to give feedback, or have a great idea to improve Monika, get involved! Let us know in the Github discussions.

    Please abide by the Contributor's Code of Conduct

    Further information

    For detailed information, you can click on any of the specific docs below:

    Monika - Open source and free HTTP monitoring tool | Product Hunt


    MIT License.


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