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File-based hapi plugin composer

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npm install @hapipal/haute-couture


This library will wire your hapi plugin together based simply upon where you place files and the contents of those files. It has the ability to call nearly every configuration-related method in the hapi plugin API. This means many good things! Here are a few:

  • Route configurations placed in your routes/ directory will be registered using server.route().
  • You can place your authentication scheme in auth/schemes.js rather than calling server.auth.scheme().
  • You can provision a cache simply by placing its configuration in caches/my-cache-name.js, and forget about server.cache.provision().
  • You can still write all the custom plugin code you desire.
  • You can customize many aspects regarding how haute-couture composes your hapi plugin from files.

Haute-couture understands 19 hapi plugin methods: those for server methods, server/request decorations, request lifecycle extensions, route configuration, cookie definitions, vision view managers, schwifty models, schmervice services, and plenty more. And if that's not enough, you can always teach it about more through its flexible amendment system.


See also the API Reference

Haute-couture is intended for use with hapi v19+ and nodejs v12+, in addition to several optional peer hapi plugins noted in package.json (see v3 for lower support).

This library is not a hapi plugin: think of it instead as a useful subroutine of any hapi plugin. The full documentation of the files and directories it recognizes can be found in the API documentation.


Here's an example of a very simple plugin that registers a single "pinger" route.


const HauteCouture = require('@hapipal/haute-couture');

module.exports = {
  name: 'my-hapi-plugin',
  register: async (server, options) => {

    // Custom plugin code can go here

    await HauteCouture.compose(server, options);


module.exports = {
  method: 'get',
  path: '/',
  options: {
    handler(request) {

      return { ping: 'pong' };

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