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    Sync, Segment, and Send your Product Data Everywhere

    Focus on building your core product, not integrating with 3rd-party tools. Learn more at www.grouparoo.com

    Grouparoo Data Bowtie

    This is the Grouparoo Monorepo, containing the source code for @grouparoo/core and many plugins. If you are looking for an example about how to run or deploy Grouparoo, please visit https://github.com/grouparoo/app-example

    Documentation and Guides

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    Running a Grouparoo Application

    This is an abbreviated version of the "Grouparoo Installation Guide". The full version can be found here.

    Run Locally with Node.js

    Use the Grouparoo CLI to initialize a new Grouparoo Project:

    # Assuming you have node.js (https://nodejs.org) v12+ installed
    npm install -g grouparoo
    grouparoo init .
    grouparoo config

    This will generate a package.json, config directory, and .env file for configuration.





    npm i @grouparoo/core

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