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    The @glue42/core package is the core Glue42 JavaScript module used in applications for sharing data with other Glue42 enabled applications. It can be used by applications hosted in Glue42, a browser or Node.js.

    The @glue42/core package is a subset of the @glue42/desktop package which offers tools for more advanced scenarios that require Window Management, Application Management, Activities, Layouts, Channels, etc.

    The @glue42/core package contains the following APIs:

    • Interop - an Interop API which enables applications to:

      • offer functionality to other applications (JavaScript and native) by registering Interop methods;
      • discover Interop methods and applications which offer Interop methods;
      • invoke Interop methods on the user desktop and across the network;
      • stream and subscribe to real-time data using a Streaming API;
    • Shared Contexts - a Shared Contexts API which provides a simple and effective way of sharing data between applications by using shared named data objects;

    • Metrics - use the Glue42 Metrics as a way of assessing the life cycle of a certain process (application performance, business process, employee productivity, etc.) by acquiring, recording and monitoring over time specific data about the key performance indicators of the said process;

    • Pub/Sub - a basic Pub/Sub API that allows apps to publish/subscribe for messages on a specific topic;


    Running in Glue42

    import GlueCore from "@glue42/core";
    const initializeGlue42 = async () => {
        // You can pass an optional configuration object to the factory function.
        // If you do not privide configuration, it will be inferred from your application configuration file.
        const glue = await GlueCore();
        // Use the Glue42 APIs.
    // Handle errors.

    Running in Node.js

    Note that your Node.js script should be started by the Glue42 Desktop client in order to receive a gwToken and a gwURL.

    import GlueCore from "@glue42/core"
    const initializeGlue42 = async () => {
        const config = {
            application: "MyNodeApp",
            gateway: {
                protocolVersion: 3,
                ws: process.env.gwURL
            auth: {
                gatewayToken: process.env.gwToken
        const glue = await GlueCore(config);
        // Use the Glue42 APIs.
    // Handle errors.


    npm i @glue42/core



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