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Hello Retail module for Geins PWA Storefront

A module for Geins PWA Storefront Ralph that allows you to effortlessly integrate Hello Retail features into your storefront. With this module, you can enhance your online store with powerful Hello Retail functionalities in just a few seconds.



The Hello Retail module integrates the Hello Retail tracking SDK into your Storefront Ralph.

Hello Retail offers a suite of tools and capabilities that can enhance your online store's performance, improve user experience, and boost conversions.


To install the Hello Retail module, follow these steps:

1. Install the module

Open your terminal and run the following command:

npm i @geins/ralph-module-hello-retail

2. Add the module to your Geins PWA Storefront Ralph

To add the module to your Geins PWA Storefront Ralph, open your nuxt.config.js file and add the following code snippet:

  modules: [
          enabled: true,
          debug: true,
          trackEvents: true

User tracking with Hello Retail

To track user activity on your online store, you need to:

  1. Register your website with Hello Retail. here
  2. Install the Ralph Hello Retail module (see installation above) and publish your site.
  3. Configure your website on Hello Retail. Click Check JavaScript Installation. (Important! This will only work if you have published your site after the installation of this module.).

Once your website has been configured, Hello Retail will start tracking page visitors, assigning each of them to a unique ID (which can later be matched with an e-mail).

In order to track ralph events such as add to cart, viewed product etc, you will need to set the module option trackEvents to true.

The ralph events that will currently be tracked are:

Type of activity Event tracked Information sent
Add to cart User adds a product to the cart Canonical URLs and product IDs for all items in your cart
Remove from cart User removes a product from their cart Canonical URLs and product IDs for all items in your cart
Viewed product User navigates to a product page Canonical URL and product ID

Module Options

Add extra options to module configuration in nuxt.config.js file.

Parameter Default Required Example
enabled true No Enables the module
debug true No Enables debug info to console
trackEvents false No If set to true, ralph events will be tracked


Once the Hello Retail module is installed and configured, you can start leveraging the power of Hello Retail features in your Geins PWA Storefront Ralph. Explore the various functionalities provided by Hello Retail and integrate them seamlessly into your online store to enhance user experience and drive conversions.

Components (TBA)

  • Search autocomplete
  • Product recommendations



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