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    Fylgja - Card

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    The card component is a wrapper component.

    It allows you to make visual sectioned content, that is not part of the main flow.


    npm install @fylgja/card

    Then include the component in to your code via;

    @use "@fylgja/card";
    // Or via PostCSS import
    @import "@fylgja/card";

    How to use

    The card is one of the few CSS components that requires a little bit more classes or/and elements.

    A simple card can be just be 1 element, and so you can collapse the child card classes to the parent,

    <div class="card card-content">..</div>

    and a more complex card requires nesting.

    <div class="card">
        <img class="card-media" src="">
        <div class="card-content">..</div>

    We kept the card child classes to 3 use cases;

    Class Description
    .card-content For content, that may also grow
    .card-media For media (e.g. img or video)
    .card-action For links and buttons

    Besides that the card is also extremely flexible in style, via CSS variables.

    The card style is by default elevated, but can be made flat via 2 variables.

        .card.-flat {
            --card-border: 1px solid #aaa;
            --card-elevation: none;
    <div class="card -flat">
        <div class="card-content">..</div>


    As with almost all of our components, CSS variables can be configured to add your own look/style.

    Want direct control on the base styles. Here are the following SCSS variables can you modify.

    $enable-card-link: true !default;
    $card-padding: 1rem !default;
    $card-radius: 6px !default;
    $card-border: 0 !default;
    $card-elevation: var(
        0 3px 1px -2px rgba(black, 0.2),
        0 2px 2px rgba(black, 0.14),
        0 1px 5px rgba(black, 0.12)
    ) !default;
    $card-bg: color.adjust($root-bg, $lightness: 10%) !default;
    $card-color: $color-text !default;
    // Only with enable-card-link
    $card-link-opacity: 0.1 !default;
    $card-link-color: currentcolor !default;


    npm i @fylgja/card


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