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Frigade Javascript SDK

The easiest way for developers to build high-quality product onboarding and education.

Website · Demo · GitHub · Docs

Frigade iamge


Install the package from your command line.

With yarn

yarn add @frigade/js

With npm

npm install @frigade/js


Simply import frigade from '@frigade/js' and use it. Example:

import frigade from 'packages/js-api'

await frigade.init('FRIGADE_API_KEY')

await frigade.identify('USER_ID', {
  name: 'USER_NAME',
  email: 'USER_EMAIL',
  signed_up_at: 'USER_SIGNED_UP_AT' // ISO 8601 format

// Optional: send organization/group id
await frigade.group('ORGANIZATION_ID', {
  name: 'COMPANY_NAME',

API Reference

Get a flow:

const flow = await frigade.getFlow('FLOW_ID')
// Flow data defined in flow-data.yml in the Frigade dashboard
console.log('Flow status:', flow.isCompleted)
console.log('Flow data:', flow.rawData)

Marking a flow as completed:

const flow = await frigade.getFlow('FLOW_ID')
await flow.complete()

Marking a step in a flow as completed:

const flow = await frigade.getFlow('FLOW_ID')
const step = flow.getStep('STEP_ID')
await step.start()
await step.complete()

Sending tracking events:

await frigade.track('EVENT_NAME', {
  property1: 'value1',
  property2: 'value2',

Cross-platform support

All non-UI related functionality of the SDK works in all JavaScript environments (Node.js, browser, React Native, etc.).

TypeScript support

This package contains TypeScript definitions of the frigade object.

About Frigade

Frigade is a developer-first platform for building quality product onboarding. A powerful, flexible API and native SDKs allow you to build onboarding 10x faster, experiment more easily, and drive customer success.

Frigade supports a series of use cases such as:

  • Registration: Maximize the number of users getting through your sign up flows with beautiful explainers, progress bars, and forms.
  • Activation: Convert more customers by taking them through a series of key onboarding items specific to their role, permissions, or goals.
  • Adoption: Introduce audiences to specific features that deliver value with native hotspots, tooltips, tours, and interactive product guides.
  • Engagement: Keep active customers engaged, announce new product features, and create lifecycle specific re-onboarding flows for dormant or churned customers.
  • Retention: Increase retention by delivering the right content at the right time, and by asking your users for feedback on the product.


Component Library

Unstyled, ready-made components for building high‑quality user onboarding, faster. Onboarding checklists, tooltips, product walkthroughs, and much more. See components


Integrations with Segment, Mixpanel, Posthog, and more to power targeting, analytics, and communications.

Content Management

Lightweight CMS built-in to update and test onboarding copy and content.


Frigade makes it easy to manage multiple versions of onboarding across staging and production. Revisit previous versions of onboarding to see how they performed and make improvements.

Customer Journeys

Frigade automatically tracks state management and onboarding progress. Give your team full observability into the customer journey, and use Frigade to kick off automated workflows.

To learn more, visit frigade.com

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