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    An umbrella package of 8 essential FreeSewing build-time plugins


    1. plugin-cutonfold : Add cut-on-fold indicators to your patterns
    2. plugin-dimension : Add dimensions to your (paperless) patterns
    3. plugin-grainline : Add grainline indicators to your patterns
    4. plugin-logo : Add a scalebox to your patterns
    5. plugin-scalebox : Add pretty titles to your pattern parts
    6. plugin-title : Add pretty titles to your pattern parts
    7. plugin-round : Rounds corners
    8. plugin-sprinkle : Add multiple snippets to your pattern

    Note that these are all build-time plugins. In other words, plugins used by developers/pattern designers, rather than run-time plugins that are used when generating patterns.

    Without exception, all freesewing patterns use all these plugins, so it made sense to bundle them.


    To load this plugin, add it to your instantiated pattern.

    On node.js:

    import freesewing from '@freesewing/core'
    import plugins from '@freesewing/plugin-bundle'
    let pattern = new freesewing.Pattern().with(plugins);

    What am I looking at? 🤔

    This repository is our monorepo holding all our NPM packages.

    This folder holds: @freesewing/plugin-bundle

    About FreeSewing 💀

    Where the world of makers and developers collide, that's where you'll find FreeSewing.

    If you're a maker, checkout freesewing.org where you can generate our sewing patterns adapted to your measurements.

    If you're a developer, our documentation is on freesewing.dev. Our core library is a batteries-included toolbox for parametric design of sewing patterns. But we also provide a range of plugins that further extend the functionality of the platform.

    If you have NodeJS installed, you can try it right now by running:

    npx create-freesewing-pattern

    Or, consult our getting started guides for Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

    We also have a pattern design tutorial that walks you through your first parametric design, and a friendly community with people who can help you when you get stuck.

    Support FreeSewing: Become a patron 🥰

    FreeSewing is an open source project run by a community, and financially supported by our patrons.

    If you feel what we do is worthwhile, and you can spend a few coind without hardship, then you should join us and become a patron.

    Links 👩‍💻

    License: MIT 🤓

    © Joost De Cock.
    See the license file for details.

    Where to get help 🤯

    Our chatrooms on Discord are the best place to ask questions, share your feedback, or just hang out.

    If you want to report a problem, please create an issue.


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