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    Message schemas supported by Foxglove Studio


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    See Foxglove Schemas documentation.

    The schemas folder contains type definitions generated for ROS 1, ROS 2, Protobuf, JSON Schema, and TypeScript.

    These schemas can be used in MCAP files or Foxglove WebSocket servers to take advantage of Foxglove Studio's visualizations.


    @foxglove/schemas is licensed under the MIT License.


    The schema definitions are in internal/schemas.ts.

    After editing the schemas, re-generate the language-specific definitions by running yarn update-generated-files.

    Releasing to NPM

    1. Run yarn version --[major|minor|patch] to bump version
    2. Run git push && git push --tags to push new tag
    3. GitHub Actions will take care of the rest

    Releasing foxglove_msgs for ROS

    For first-time setup, follow the guides for installing bloom and authenticating with GitHub.

    Permissions to push to foxglove/ros_foxglove_msgs-release (for ROS 1) and ros2-gbp/ros_foxglove_msgs-release (for ROS 2) are required. The latter are managed via Terraform.

    The following is a modified version of bloom release instructions (because catkin_generate_changelog and catkin_prepare_release can't handle our custom tag format of ros-vX.Y.Z).

    1. Manually update package.xml and CHANGELOG.rst with new version info
    2. Manually create a tag named ros-vX.Y.Z for the new version
    3. Push the newly created commit and tag
    4. Run bloom-release foxglove_msgs --ros-distro humble, for each distro you want to publish the release to. Follow the prompts, and the script will automatically make a PR to the ros/rosdistro repo.

    Packages will be available via apt after the next sync. View package build status prior to the sync at: melodic, noetic, foxy, galactic, humble, rolling

    Stay in touch

    Join our Slack channel to ask questions, share feedback, and stay up to date on what our team is working on.




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