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An SDK built on top of the myHealthbox API, exposing methods for using and accessing the API.

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This SDK is an unofficial open-source tool. It is not developed or backed by myHealthbox. The brand name and logo belong to myHealthbox.


myHealthbox API v2.1 is distributed by RapidAPI. It is an API that provides access to one of the largest databases of information on medicines and healthcare products: over 3 million products available in 70 countries, with information accessible in 40 languages. It provides basic information for a product like name, active ingredients, dosage, ATC code and more. It also exposes documents, related to a product (i.e. Patient Information Leaflets, SmPC, etc.)

myHealthbox SDK is a user-friendly interface on top of myHealthbox API, that comes with a set of methods for easy access and configuration of the available endpoints. It is written entirely in TypeScript and packaged with its own types to improve the developer experience. It can be installed, configured and used in seconds.

Getting started

To check out the docs, visit https://flushbg.github.io/myhealthbox-sdk.


myHealthbox SDK is licensed under the MIT license.

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