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    The status-bar showing the progress of uploading/downloading process with possiblity to cancel/retry.


    From NPM

    The plugin is on NPM as @filerobot/status-bar

    npm install --save @filerobot/status-bar


    import StatusBar from '@filerobot/status-bar'
    filerobot.use(StatusBar, optionsObject)

    From CDN

    The plugin from CDN is found inside Filerobot global object Filerobot.StatusBar

    const StatusBar = window.Filerobot.StatusBar
    filerobot.use(StatusBar, optionsObject)

    If you are using @filerobot/explorer pluign you don't need to manually import this plugin as it is being imported automatically there with its styles and the default id Explorer:StatusBar Unless the Explorer id is changed then it would be respected.

    Plugin's styles

    import '@filerobot/core/dist/style.css'
    import '@filerobot/status-bar/dist/style.css'

    or if you prefer the minified version

    import '@filerobot/core/dist/style.min.css'
    import '@filerobot/status-bar/dist/style.min.css'

    The plugin's css file should be imported after the Core's css file for having the styles shown correctly.


    id: string (optional)

    default: 'StatusBar'

    An unique identifier for the plugin to be indentified between the other plugins through it.

    hideUploadButton: boolean (optional)

    default: false

    Hides the upload button shown in the status bar when there is new file(s) added when there is an uploading in progress.

    hideFilters: boolean (optional)

    default: false

    Hides the filters bar at the top of the plugin.

    hideRetryButton: boolean (optional)

    default: false

    Hides the retry button shown in the status bar when there any upload failed.

    hideCancelButton: boolean (optional)

    default: false

    Hides the cancel button shown in the status bar when the upload process starts.

    showProgressDetails: boolean (optional)

    default: true

    Hides the progress details shown in the status bar if true ex. (1 of 3 files uploaded, 450 KB of 1.5 MB uploaded, 30s ETA).

    locale: object (optional)


    strings: {
      uploading: 'Uploading',
      compressing: 'Compressing',
      upload: 'Upload',
      complete: 'Completed!',
      finished: 'Completed: 100%',
      failed: 'Failed',
      paused: 'Paused',
      retry: 'Retry',
      cancel: 'Cancel',
      pause: 'Pause',
      resume: 'Resume',
      filesUploadedOfTotal: {
        0: '%{complete} of %{smart_count} file uploaded',
        1: '%{complete} of %{smart_count} files uploaded'
      dataUploadedOfTotal: '%{complete} of %{total}',
      xTimeLeft: '%{time} left',
      uploadXFiles: {
        0: 'Upload %{smart_count} file',
        1: 'Upload %{smart_count} files'
      uploadXNewFiles: {
        0: 'Upload +%{smart_count} file',
        1: 'Upload +%{smart_count} files'
      xMoreFilesAdded: {
        0: '%{smart_count} more file added',
        1: '%{smart_count} more files added'
      downloadCompressing: 'Archiving selected items to be downloaded as one archive: %{percent}%',
      downloading: 'Downloading: %{percent}%',
      downloadedOfTotal: '%{completed} of %{total}',
      someFileUploadFailed: 'Some of files upload failed'

    Customizing some of the translations or the language's strings and replace the default locale.




    npm i @filerobot/status-bar

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