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This package has been deprecated. Security updates will continue through 2024, but no new feature development will happen. Please use @faustwp/core and @faustwp/cli instead. See

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⚠️ This version of Faust (GQty) has been deprecated!

We have worked hard to update Faust.js to be a more standardized and performant framework using Apollo Client as its base. We believe that Faust.js with Apollo is more stable and easier to maintain than legacy Faust.js, and we recommend that all users currently on legacy Faust.js start planning their migration to Faust.js with Apollo. We have already updated our blueprints and other resources to reflect our current and forward-looking technology investments. While security updates will continue to be provided through 2024, no new feature development will happen on legacy Faust.js.

@faustjs/core is the core library for the Faust.js framework. It contains the core classes and interfaces that are used by other libraries in the framework.

View legacy Faust.js Documentation

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