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Bring the power of property based testing framework fast-check into Vitest. @fast-check/vitest simplifies the integration of fast-check into Vitest.

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Getting Started

Install @fast-check/vitest:

npm install --save-dev @fast-check/vitest

In order to work properly, @fast-check/vitest requires vitest to be installed.


import { test, fc } from '@fast-check/vitest';

// for all a, b, c strings
// b is a substring of a + b + c
test.prop([fc.string(), fc.string(), fc.string()])('should detect the substring', (a, b, c) => {
  return (a + b + c).includes(b);

// same property but using named values
test.prop({ a: fc.string(), b: fc.string(), c: fc.string() })('should detect the substring', ({ a, b, c }) => {
  return (a + b + c).includes(b);

Please note that the properties accepted by @fast-check/vitest as input can either be synchronous or asynchronous (even just PromiseLike instances).


If you want to forward custom parameters to fast-check, test.prop accepts an optional fc.Parameters (more).

@fast-check/vitest also comes with .only, .skip, .todo and .concurrent from vitest. It also accepts more complex ones such as .concurrent.skip.

import { it, test, fc } from '@fast-check/vitest';

test.prop([fc.nat(), fc.nat()], { seed: 4242 })('should replay the test for the seed 4242', (a, b) => {
  return a + b === b + a;

test.skip.prop([fc.fullUnicodeString()])('should be skipped', (text) => {
  return text.length === [...text].length;

describe('with it', () => {
  it.prop([fc.nat(), fc.nat()])('should run too', (a, b) => {
    return a + b === b + a;

Minimal requirements

@fast-check/vitest vitest fast-check
^0.0.0 >=0.28.1 ^3.0.0

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