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Sets up common and powerful test event listener for @egomobile/http-server with supertest under the hood.

Table of contents

Install []

Execute the following command from your project folder, where your package.json file is stored:

npm install --save @egomobile/http-supertest

Usage []

Quick example []

import createServer from "@egomobile/http-server";
import { setupTestEventListener } from "@egomobile/http-supertest";

const app = createServer();

// s. https://github.com/egomobile/node-http-server/wiki/Testing

// register `test` event: https://egomobile.github.io/node-http-server/interfaces/IHttpServer.html#on
  server: app,

await app.test();

Filters []

If you defined a lot of tests and want to skip some of them, you can use EGO_TEST_FILTER environment variable.

It can hold a non-empty value, that is a Filtrex expression.

If it returns a truthy value, the underlying test will be executed.

Beside shipped-in functions and constants, the module also provides the following enhancements:


Signature Description Example
all(value, ...subStrings): bool Checks if all substrings are part of value. all("foo bar buzz", "bar", "buzz")
any(value, ...subStrings): bool Checks if at least one substring is part of value. any("foo bar buzz", "test", "bar")
endsWith(value, suffix): bool Checks if a string ends with a suffix. endsWith("Test string", " string")
float(value): number|false Converts a string to a float. float("12.3") == 12.3
indexOf(value): number Returns the zero-based index of a substring inside a string, and -1 if it is not found. indexOf("666.0", ".") == 3
int(value): number|false Converts a string to an integer. int("10.0") == 10
isNaN(value, float = true): bool Checks if a value cannot be parsed as number. isNaN("is not a really number")
join(sep, ...values[]): bool Handles values as strings an join them with a separator. join("+", "a", "b", " c") == "a+b+ c"
norm(value): string Normalizes a string for better comparison: creates lower case version, trims it and replace special characters like umlauts or whitespace norm("  A tesT String: Ä    ö Ü ß ") == "a test string: ae oe ue ss"
log(value [, returnValue = false]): any Logs a value. log(methodName) or methodName == "getAllUsers"
lower(value): string Converts string to lower case chars. lower("ThIs Is A tEsTsTrInG") == "this is a test string"
regex(value, pattern [, flags = "i"]): bool Tests a string for a regular expression. not regex(methodName, "^(ZZZ)(\\s)(-)")
str(value): string Converts a value to a safe string. str(1) == "1"
startsWith(value, prefix): bool Checks if a string starts with a prefix. startsWith("Test string", "Test ")
trim(value): string Removes leading and ending whitespace characters from a string. trim(" Test String ") === "Test String"
trimEnd(value): string Removes ending whitespace characters from a string. trimEnd(" Test String ") === " Test String"
trimStart(value): string Removes leading whitespace characters from a string. trimStart(" Test String ") === "Test String "
upper(value): string Converts string to upper case chars. upper("ThIs Is A tEsTsTrInG") == "THIS IS A TEST STRING"


Name: type Description Example
context: string The context in what the test is executed. context == "controller"
countFailure: number The current number of failed tests. countFailure > 0
description: string The description of the test. any(description, "foo")
escapedQuery: string The escaped query string. a=foo%20bar&b=buzz
escapedRoute: string The escaped route of the endpoint. escapedRoute == "/foo%20bar/buzz"
file: string The full path of the file. file == "/path/to/endpoints/file/index.ts"
group: string The name of the current test group, which is usually the name of the controller class. group == "MyControllerClass
httpMethod: string Upper case HTTP method. httpMethod in ("POST", "GET", "PATCH", "DELETE")
methodName: string The name of the controller method, that is executed by the test. methodName == "getAllUsers
parameters: string The JSON string of the object, with all URL parameters. parameters == "{\"user_id\":\"foo\"}"
query: string The JSON string of the object, with all query parameters. query == "{\"a\":\"foo\"}"
route: string The unescaped route of the endpoint. route == "/foo bar/buzz"

Credits []

The module makes use of:

Documentation []

The API documentation can be found here.

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