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    Fetch Client · ci npm (scoped) GitHub license

    Fetch based HTTP client implementation for Drizzle-Http.
    This library contains several decorators to facilitate the definition of a Fetch request.


    Make sure we have the core module @Drizzle-Http/core installed.

    npm i @drizzle-http/core
    npm i @drizzle-http/fetch



    import { GET } from "@drizzle-http/core";
    import { RawResponse } from "@drizzle-http/core";
    import { Multipart } from "@drizzle-http/core";
    import { POST } from "@drizzle-http/core";
    import { Part } from "@drizzle-http/core";
    import { newAPI } from ".@drizzle-http/core";
    import { useFetch } from "@drizzle-http/fetch";
    import { CORS } from "@drizzle-http/fetch";
    class API {
      raw (): Promise<Response> {
      customers (): Promise<Customer[]> {
      send (@Part() desc: string, @Part() file: File): Promise<Response> {
    const api = newAPI()

    Fetch Specific Decorators

    Decorator Description Target
    @Cache() Configure RequestInit.cache. Parameter: RequestCache Class, Method
    @CORS() Set RequestInit.mode to 'cors' Class, Method
    @Credentials() Configure RequestInit.credentials. Parameter: RequestCredentials Class, Method
    @Integrity() Configure RequestInit.integrity Class, Method
    @KeepAlive() Configure RequestInit.keepAlive Class, Method
    @Mode() Configure RequestInit.mode Class, Method
    @Redirect() Configure RequestInit.redirect Class, Method
    @Referrer() Configure RequestInit.referrer Class, Method
    @ReferrerPolicy() Configure RequestInit.referrerPolicy Class, Method
    @Multipart() Create a multipart/form-data request Class, Method
    @Part() Mark a parameter as a part of multipart/form-data request body Parameter
    @BodyKey() Change the name of part in a multipart/form-data request Parameter


    Raw Fetch Response

    By the default, http success responses you be parsed and resolved and http errors will be rejected. If you want the raw Fetch http response, decorate your method with @RawResponse() and the return will be a Promise<Response>, same as Fetch. In this case, http errors will be not rejected.

    Multi Part

    To make a multipart/form-data request, decorate your method with @Multipart().
    Use the decorator @Part() to mark a parameter as an entry in a FormData object.
    You can also send a @Body() parameter with a File, File[], FormData or an HTML Form.


    npm i @drizzle-http/fetch

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