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Digital Samba Embedded SDK - control easily with JS your iframe integration.

Usage with NPM

Add it to dependency list using your preferred package manager:

npm install @digitalsamba/embedded-sdk


yarn install @digitalsamba/embedded-sdk

NPM Package link

After installation, use it in your application code using provided import:

const DigitalSambaEmbedded = require('@digitalsamba/embedded-sdk');

// or, using imports
import DigitalSambaEmbedded from '@digitalsamba/embedded-sdk';

This package is written in TypeScript, so type definitions are also available:

import { SendMessageType, ReceiveMessageType /* ...etc */ } from '@digitalsamba/embedded-sdk';


Secure context

️Since the embedded app relies on media device capabilities, it needs to be accessed in a secure context (https:// versus http://).

For local development, most browsers treat http://localhost and as secure.

Configuring SDK instance

Library provides alternative initialization styles. Using the class constructor you can configure it and load the frame in one call:

const api = new DigitalSambaEmbedded(InitOptions, InstanceProperties /* optional */);

or you can pre-configure the instance and then load it on-demand:

// notice `createControl` vs constructor call
const api = DigitalSambaEmbedded.createControl(InitOptions);

// ...
// when necessary, load the frame:
api.load(InstanceProperties /* optional */);


InitOptions has the following fields:

  • root - HTMLElement. If specified, target frame will be created within it.
  • frame - HTMLIFrameElement to be wrapped.
  • url - full URL to be applied as frame src. Must include protocol and token query param for private rooms;
  • team - team name string
  • room - room identifier string
  • token - optional string for authentication, mainly for private rooms

To successfully initialize an instance of the wrapper one of following combinations needs to be used:

  • root + team + room - will create a controlled frame inside root element
  • frame + team + room - will attach to existing frame
  • frame - will attach to existing frame (assuming you've manually specified correct frame src)
  • root + url - will create a frame inside root element

Remember to always specify allow="camera; microphone; display-capture; autoplay;" and allowFullscreen="true" attributes on iframe if you want to wrap around an existing iframe.


  • frameAttributes - list of attributes to be applied to target iframe
  • reportErrors - boolean, false by default. Whether to report misconfiguration or runtime errors to console


Once initialized you can listen to events emitted by embedded app and control it by sending commands.

Additional functionality like room permission management and exposed state is also available.


To listen for events, attach listener for any of supported events:

api.on('userJoined', (data) => {
  // ...

💡 See the events docs for a full list of available events.

Error event can provide useful details:

api.on('appError', (error) => {

  /* outputs  {
      name: 'not-allowed',
        'Recording disabled. You’ll need to edit this room’s properties to record sessions in this room',
      data: {
        type: 'recording'

For debugging purposes, you can also listen to all events simultaneously

api.on('*', (data) => {


To send commands, api instance provides handy utilities:

// ...

💡 Full list of available commands with usage examples can be found on documentation website.


There are several demos available with example integrations

  • Simple Videoroom - simple demo that showcases basic integration, listening to events and running commands
  • Initial settings - examples of setting default settings prior to loading the frame
  • Managed State demo - shows how to use exposed state in complex scenarios, listening to events, checking for permissions and accessing stored data.




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