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Carbon component mapper for Data Driven Forms.

📖 For more information please visit the documentation. 📖

Table of Contents


You neet to add React Form Renderer

React Form Renderer

$ npm install @data-driven-forms/react-form-renderer -S
$ yarn add @data-driven-forms/react-form-renderer

Carbon Mapper

$ npm install @data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper -S
$ yarn add @data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper


For using Data Driven Forms in your component you need the renderer and a component mapper, which provides formFields components and layoutFields components.

import React from 'react';
import FormRenderer, { componentTypes } from '@data-driven-forms/react-form-renderer';
import { componentMapper, FormTemplate } from '@data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper';
const schema = {
  fields: [{
    component: componentTypes.TEXT_FIELD,
    name: 'name',
    label: 'Your name'
const Form = () => (

Basic provided components

Data Driven Forms supports all kinds of component, basic set is consisted of:

  • Text input
  • Text area
  • Checkbox (Multiple checkboxes)
  • Select (dropdown)
  • Dual list select
  • Field array
  • Switch
  • Radio buttons
  • Date picker
  • Time picker
  • Tabs
  • Slider
  • Sub-form
  • Wizard

Useful links

Development setup

Data Driven Forms is a monorepo that uses Lerna and yarn workspaces, so you can use all its commands as well.

  1. Install
yarn install
  1. Build
yarn build
  1. Run a package

Each package has a small playground package/demo, where you can test your changes.

cd packages/carbon-component-mapper
yarn start
  1. How to clean?
yarn lerna clean # will delete all node_modules

All packages are linked together by default, so if you run a yarn build in a package, all other packages are updated to the latest version of that package.


Tests needed to be run from the core folder.

yarn test
yarn test packages/carbon-component-mapper


Data Driven Forms uses Semantic Release


[type]([package]): message

fix(carbon): title accepts node


  • feat: a new feature, will trigger new _.X._ release
  • fix: a fix, will trigger new _._.X release


  • Please describe which package is being changed carbon, renderer, ...

Please, do not use Semantic Release, if you update only the demo.

All packages are releasing together and they share the version number.

Changes to documentation

If your changes influence API or add new features, you should describe these new options in the react-renderer-demo repository. Thanks!


We welcome any community contribution. Don't be afraid to report bug or to create issues and pull-requests! 🏆


Apache License 2.0


npm i @data-driven-forms/carbon-component-mapper

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